Keiji Muto Discusses the Potential Collaboration between WWE and NOAH Following ABEMA Deal

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WWE will air RAW, SmackDown, and pay-per-view events on ABEMA in Japan starting next month, and Japanese legend Keiji Muto believes it could potentially lead to something between WWE and Pro Wrestling NOAH. Muto said,

“NOAH is also ABEMA, right? It is a member of the Cyber Agent Group. Now WWE is also ABEMA, so there is a possibility that something will be born between WWE and NOAH. Okay, next time, I’ll build that bridge. I’ll buy Triple H some sushi, and I’ll bring the receipt to ABEMA. Wrestling is all about connecting the dots to the lines.”


There’s no word as of yet whether any such deal will come to fruition.

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WWE and Pro Wrestling NOAH Collaboration: A Potential Game-Changer in the Wrestling Industry

In a surprising turn of events, WWE announced that it will be airing RAW, SmackDown, and pay-per-view events on ABEMA, a popular streaming platform in Japan. This move has sparked speculation about a potential collaboration between WWE and Pro Wrestling NOAH, a prominent Japanese wrestling promotion. Keiji Muto, a Japanese legend and member of the Cyber Agent Group, which owns ABEMA and NOAH, expressed his belief that this partnership could lead to something significant in the future.

Muto’s statement has created excitement among wrestling fans worldwide, as it hints at the possibility of cross-promotional events or talent exchanges between WWE and NOAH. While nothing has been confirmed yet, the mere suggestion of such a collaboration is enough to ignite the imagination of wrestling enthusiasts.

The potential partnership between WWE and NOAH holds great promise for both companies. WWE, being the global leader in professional wrestling, can benefit from expanding its reach in the Japanese market through ABEMA. By broadcasting their shows on a popular streaming platform, WWE can tap into a new audience and increase its fanbase in Japan. This move aligns with WWE’s ongoing efforts to expand its international presence and attract fans from different regions.

On the other hand, NOAH stands to gain significantly from a collaboration with WWE. As a smaller promotion compared to WWE, NOAH would benefit from exposure to a wider audience and increased visibility on a global scale. This partnership could provide NOAH wrestlers with opportunities to showcase their skills on a larger platform and potentially attract new fans from around the world. Additionally, talent exchanges between the two promotions could lead to exciting matchups and fresh storylines, creating buzz within the wrestling community.

However, it is important to note that collaborations between wrestling promotions are not uncommon. In recent years, we have witnessed successful partnerships such as New Japan Pro-Wrestling and Ring of Honor, as well as Impact Wrestling and AEW. These collaborations have proven to be beneficial for all parties involved, leading to increased viewership, crossover events, and enhanced fan engagement. Therefore, a potential collaboration between WWE and NOAH could follow a similar path, bringing forth a new era of inter-promotional wrestling.

While fans eagerly await further updates on this potential collaboration, it is essential to remember that negotiations and discussions are still ongoing. Deals of this magnitude require careful planning, coordination, and mutual agreement between the involved parties. The wrestling industry is known for its surprises, and anything can happen in the world of sports entertainment.

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As the wrestling landscape continues to evolve, collaborations between promotions are becoming more common and exciting. The potential partnership between WWE and NOAH has the potential to revolutionize the industry and create unforgettable moments for fans worldwide. Whether it’s dream matches, crossover events, or talent exchanges, the possibilities are endless. Wrestling truly is about connecting the dots to the lines, and this collaboration could be the ultimate manifestation of that philosophy.