This year, Titus O’Neil is set to publish his memoir titled “Wrestling with Fatherhood”.

This year, Titus O’Neil is set to publish his memoir titled “Wrestling with Fatherhood”.
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Professional wrestler and WWE star, Titus O’Neil, is readying to publish his second memoir titled “Wrestling with Fatherhood.” The book, lined up for a September release, is to be published by ECW Press. Promotional content for the book reads:

“Having established a distinguished career in college football and WWE, Titus O’Neil views fatherhood as his most significant achievement. In 2015, O’Neil was honored as the Celebrity Father of the Year. Yet, like all parents, he acknowledges his imperfections. In Wrestling with Fatherhood, he openly discusses his triumphs and falls in raising his three children, with hopes that others might gain something from his journey.”

O’Neil became a father for the first time 19 years ago when his first son was born, followed by his second son two years later. Devoid of a father figure in his own life, he had to quickly adapt and learn to bring up two infants unto successful young adults. He later added a teenage daughter to his family through adoption. In his book, he outlines numerous challenges he faced along the way, providing insights and advice for those in similar situations. Each chapter focuses on a pivotal parenting theme, embellished with detailed stories, counsel, and commentary from celebrity acquaintances.

O’Neil’s life experiences make him empathise with a varied group of parents grappling with a myriad of issues. This marks his second book aimed at nurturing children and families. His preceding book, There Is No Such Thing as a Bad Kid, was published in 2019.