Kayla Braxton’s Absence Confirmed for Tonight’s WWE SmackDown (11/10/23)

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Kayla Braxton will be absent from tonight’s episode of WWE SmackDown, where she works as a backstage interviewer. She previously hosted WWE’s “The Bump,” among other roles.

Braxton noted on Twitter that she would be missing the show due to her being under the weather. She wrote,


“Little under the weather today and have zero voice, so I won’t be at SD tonight. Only way I would be able to interview anyone is if I mimed… which would actually be pretty entertaining. Anyway, I’m on the mend and I’ll be back next week! Happy Friday everyone!”

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Kayla Braxton, a popular backstage interviewer for WWE SmackDown, will be absent from tonight’s episode due to illness. Braxton took to Twitter to inform her fans that she is feeling under the weather and has lost her voice, making it impossible for her to conduct interviews. Despite her absence, she assured her followers that she will be back on the show next week.

Braxton’s absence from WWE SmackDown is a disappointment for fans who enjoy her interviews and backstage segments. She has become a familiar face on the show and has gained a following for her charismatic personality and professional interviewing skills. However, her health is of utmost importance, and it is essential for her to take the time to recover.

In her tweet, Braxton mentioned that if she were to conduct interviews, she would have to mime, which she believes would be entertaining. This lighthearted comment shows Braxton’s positive attitude despite not being able to fulfill her role on the show. It also highlights her dedication to providing entertaining content for the viewers.

While Braxton’s absence may disappoint some fans, it is important to remember that everyone gets sick from time to time. It is crucial for individuals to prioritize their health and well-being, even if it means taking a break from work or other responsibilities. In this case, Braxton’s absence serves as a reminder that even those in the entertainment industry are not immune to illness.

For fans eagerly awaiting the latest SmackDown episode, there is still plenty of exciting content to look forward to. The show features a stacked card with various matches and segments that are sure to entertain wrestling enthusiasts. To stay updated on the latest happenings in the wrestling world, fans can visit eWrestlingNews.com, a reliable source for wrestling news. Additionally, they can follow eWrestlingNews on Twitter and Facebook for real-time updates.

In conclusion, Kayla Braxton’s absence from WWE SmackDown due to illness is unfortunate but necessary for her to prioritize her health. Her fans will surely miss her presence on the show, but they can look forward to her return next week. In the meantime, there is still plenty of exciting wrestling content to enjoy, and fans can stay informed by visiting eWrestlingNews.com or following the website on social media.