Highlights and Information for Tonight’s WWE SmackDown Episode (11/10/2023)

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As we previously reported here on eWn, the rumored return of AJ Styles on tonight’s episode of WWE SmackDown in Columbus, OH appears to have been pushed back.

Styles was supposed to return tonight, and it appears that fans will have to wait a bit longer to greet The Phenomenal One back on television.


Jey Uso is expected to appear at tonight’s taping at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio.

Meanwhile, WWE has advertised Cody Rhodes locally. Both may be used for dark matches.

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The highly anticipated return of AJ Styles on WWE SmackDown has been delayed, disappointing fans who were eagerly awaiting his comeback. Originally scheduled for tonight’s episode in Columbus, OH, it seems that The Phenomenal One will have to make his fans wait a little longer.

Jey Uso, on the other hand, is expected to make an appearance at tonight’s taping at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. While it is unclear what role he will play, his presence is sure to add excitement to the show.

In addition to these developments, WWE has locally advertised Cody Rhodes, suggesting that he may be involved in dark matches. Dark matches are non-televised matches that take place before or after the main event and are often used to entertain the live audience.

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While the delay in AJ Styles’ return may be disappointing, it only adds to the anticipation and excitement surrounding his comeback. Fans will have to stay tuned to WWE SmackDown to find out when The Phenomenal One will finally make his long-awaited return to the ring.