Jeff Hardy Would Like To Train His Daughters To Wrestle One Day

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Jeff Hardy Would Like To Train His Daughters To Wrestle One Day

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Jeff Hardy reveals that he would like to train his daughters to one day have their own WrestleMania moments.

20 years ago, Jeff Hardy had his first match at WrestleMania, a Triangle Ladder Match featuring The Dudley Boyz, Edge and Christian, and The Hardy Boyz. From then on, Jeff Hardy’s WrestleMania moments were almost always guaranteed to result in jaw-dropping experiences that would stay with audiences forever.

Speaking with Sports Illustrated, Jeff Hardy spoke about potentially training his daughters to wrestle, saying that his oldest daughter shows interest in what he does for a living. Jeff admitted he would like to see his daughters on WrestleMania 60.

“If there are ever human beings on planet Earth that I would ever train in wrestling, it will be my two daughters if they ever show interest when they’re older,” says Hardy. “Before the women’s tag-team titles were a thing, I remember thinking, ‘We should have a women’s tag division. The women would kill it if they got that shot.’ The women are incredible, and I’m so happy there are women’s tag-team champions now, too.”

He continued, “My 10-year-old understands what I do, and she actually shows a lot of interest in it, too,” Hardy says. “When would they be at WrestleMania? WrestleMania 60? Hopefully, COVID will be obsolete by then. No matter what they’ll do, they know how to keep me on my toes.”

Jeff Hardy returned to WWE alongside his brother, Matt, at WrestleMania 33 in 2017. Matt has since moved on to AEW, where he most recently defeated Sammy Guevara in The Elite Deletion match.

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Jeff Hardy Would Like To Train His Daughters To Wrestle One Day

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