The Undertaker On Retirement: I Want My Legacy To Not Be Tarnished

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The Undertaker On Retirement: I Want My Legacy To Not Be Tarnished

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Undertaker is set for his final farewell at the 2020 WWE Survivor Series event, 30 years after he debuted at the 1990 WWE Survivor Series event.

Undertaker is a character who has seemingly had many moments which would have called for the curtain to close on a legendary career but speaking with Sony India, Mark Calaway, the man behind the character, revealed why now is the perfect time for him to walk away.

“It’s hard to imagine that 30 years have already come and gone. It feels like just yesterday as I was making that long walk at Survivor Series in 1990. A lot of that is just trying to stay relevant and try to keep that lighting. It’s all on the fans actually, regardless of injuries and travel schedules, it’s always been for the fans. It’s a true pleasure to travel around the world and see different people and different cultures and see how your character and persona affects different people. Everyone has their own story, their Undertaker story, whoever their favorite(wrestler) might be… It’s always interesting and it’s always motivating, to get out there and keep yourself relevant so that your fanbase is appreciative of what you are doing.”

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Undertaker would go on to say now his part in the industry is about paying it forward and making sure the future is in good hands.

He continued, I think, the legacy is there and I want that legacy to not be tarnished. And that was part of the reason to finally call it a day. It becomes more and more of a physical challenge to go out and perform at the level people expect when they come to see The Undertaker. My career… I have exceeded all my personal goals and never could I have imagined a 30-year non-stop career with WWE. In our world that just not happen that often to stay at one place for that long. I am very proud of the fact that once I got to WWE, I never left. All my dream, all my goals, I have reached. And now it’s time to make new goals and then to pay all my experiences to.. pay it forward to the new guys that are coming up behind me. And I think that’s where my next goals are oriented towards… the next generations of sports entertainers.”

WrestleZone will have live coverage of Survivor Series on Sunday, November 22, 2020.

The Undertaker On Retirement: I Want My Legacy To Not Be Tarnished