Jake Roberts Provides Explanation for Not Storing a Razor Blade in His Mouth

Jake Roberts Provides Explanation for Not Storing a Razor Blade in His Mouth
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In a recent episode of his podcast known as “The Snake Pit,” WWE Hall of Fame inductee Jake Roberts shed light on his experiences with fellow wrestler Kamala and explained why he decided never to use a razor blade in his mouth for the sake of drawing blood.

For some highlights from this podcast episode, continue reading:

When asked about the people who shaped his approach to wrestling, he said, “For sure, the likes of Eddie Graham, Dusty Rhodes, and Buck Robley. They played a huge part in helping me.”

Commenting on Eddie Graham, he noted, “He was an immensely astute individual – his knack for concocting a finish that would throw you for a loop was astonishing. The way he seamlessly assembled elements that clicked was unmatched. Receiving a finish from him often amounted to a four or five-minute sequence – practically your whole match. But if adhered to, it would provide one hell of a contest chock-full of highs and lows. Truly extraordinary.”

Answering the question about where he stored his blade, he said, “I would keep it on my wrist. Your mouth is simply too vulnerable to various infections, you know. Just consider it… there’s no telling where that tongue has been.”

Speaking about his colleague Kamala, he said, “He was a real sweetheart, I’ll tell you that. Thank heavens too, because he was a substantial fellow. He was naturally tipping the scales at 325 pounds. By all means, he was [a large man]. But beneath it all, he had a great heart and was kind-hearted. Never landed in hot water, was a proficient performer. In every sense, he was the full package, man.”