Rob Van Dam asserts that he has never witnessed Triple H in a state of anger.

Rob Van Dam asserts that he has never witnessed Triple H in a state of anger.
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During his recent stint on his podcast titled “1 Of A Kind,” Rob Van Dam, a WWE Hall of Famer, shed light on several interesting instances of his relationship with Paul “Triple H” Levesque, WWE’s Chief Creative Officer.

Here are some standout moments pulled from the podcast:

Discussing the concept of cinematic matches in wrestling, Van Dam admitted that he hasn’t given much thought to participating in one so far. He revealed, “I have never seen a cinematic match. Are there a lot of them?… I am looking forward to witnessing one at some point because the bits I’ve viewed so far have piqued my curiosity. The concept seems fascinating indeed.”

When asked if he’s ever seen Triple H lose his cool, Van Dam responded, “I have never seen him angry. He’s extremely professional in all our interactions. He comes across as a representative of the entire company, not just one of the wrestlers. I believe if he were to have an issue with someone, he would address it privately instead of allowing his anger to become public knowledge.”

Van Dam also shared his opinion on the evolution of wrestling, especially after the dissolution of territories. He expressed his regret for the loss of control and the absences of a unifying body within the sport. “It’s sad to note that there is no ‘old-school’ system intact anymore. Anyone can do as they please and call it wrestling. It’s unfortunate that there isn’t a strong, foundational brotherhood in place to uphold the legacy.”

The podcast also featured a visual element which can be seen here: [embedded content]