IWTV Announces Partnership With Pluto TV

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IWTV Announces Partnership With Pluto TV

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IWTV (Independent Wrestling TV) issued the following release, announcing they’ve reached a distribution agreement to bring content to Pluto TV’s Pro Wrestling Channel:

We’re excited to announce a new distribution partnership launching today as IWTV will be bringing independent wrestling to Pluto TV.

This new partnership will see IWTV partner promotions featured on the new “Pro Wrestling Channel” on Pluto TV with new events submitted regularly!

Here’s what’s available right now on Pluto TV’s “Pro Wrestling Channel

  • Beyond Wrestling “Uncharted Territory Season 1”
  • Women’s Wrestling Revolution Entire Library
  • DEFY Wrestling’s “DEFY Now”

Pluto TV is a free app available to stream on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Playstation, Tivo, Xfinity, Roku and more! (Where to watch Pluto TV)

Formerly known as Powerbomb TV, Independent Wrestling TV is quickly becoming the biggest and best resource for live streaming and on-demand independent wrestling content. IWTV is already available on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, the Apple Store and Google Play store, and Roku.

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