Insights into Mandy Rose’s Character Development: Vince McMahon’s Advice Unveiled

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On a recent edition of the “Busted Open Radio” podcast, former NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose recalled some advice she received from Vince McMahon toward the end of her run on WWE’s main roster.

On December 14, 2022, Rose was released from her contract due to her FanTime content after a seven-year run with WWE.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Vince McMahon telling her to be herself more: “There was a meeting with Vince, I remember, I will say. There was a meeting and he had told me that he loves my character and what I’m doing and all, but just be more me. I remember that was like the one thing. I felt like there was a part of me where I was maybe trying too hard to be that sexy character in a way.”

On her reaction to the meeting: “To me, I was actually really confused about it at first because when I had that conversation with Vince, obviously I needed to take that and listen to him. He’s –- you know this –- the guy to listen to.”

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Former NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose recently shared some valuable advice she received from Vince McMahon, the chairman and CEO of WWE, during her time on the main roster. In a podcast interview on “Busted Open Radio,” Rose discussed her experience and the guidance she received from McMahon.

Rose, who was released from her WWE contract on December 14, 2022, after a seven-year tenure with the company, revealed that McMahon advised her to be more authentic and true to herself. While McMahon appreciated her character and the work she was doing, he felt that she should focus on being more genuine.

During the meeting with McMahon, Rose recalled feeling initially confused by his advice. She had been putting in a lot of effort to portray a sexy character and wasn’t sure how to interpret McMahon’s suggestion. However, she acknowledged McMahon’s expertise and recognized him as someone worth listening to.

This advice from McMahon highlights the importance of authenticity in professional wrestling. While characters and storylines play a significant role in the industry, it is crucial for wrestlers to connect with their audience on a personal level. By being true to themselves, wrestlers can establish a genuine connection with fans and create a lasting impact.

Rose’s experience serves as a reminder that sometimes, less is more. Instead of trying too hard to fit into a specific mold or character, wrestlers should embrace their own unique qualities and let their personalities shine through. This approach can help them stand out and resonate with fans in a more meaningful way.

As Rose moves forward in her career, she plans to take McMahon’s advice to heart and focus on being herself. While her journey may take her to different promotions or ventures outside of wrestling, the lesson she learned from McMahon will undoubtedly shape her future endeavors.

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In conclusion, Mandy Rose’s recollection of the advice she received from Vince McMahon sheds light on the significance of authenticity in professional wrestling. McMahon’s guidance to be true to oneself serves as a valuable lesson for wrestlers looking to make a lasting impact on their audience. By embracing their unique qualities and personalities, wrestlers can forge a genuine connection with fans and create a memorable presence in the industry.