Chris Jericho Expresses Interest in Competing Against Kota Ibushi & Minoru Suzuki in Japan

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Chris Jericho defeated Konosuke Takeshita at DDT Ultimate Party 2023 on Saturday.

During the post-show press conference, Jericho discussed his remaining goals in Japan and named Kota Ibushi as someone he would like to face.


The former AEW World Champion said, “If you’re talking about other wrestlers in DDT, Endo, I thought he was very good tonight. I was very impressed with him. I still think there’s a Jericho-Ibushi match that we could have in Japan. I think the biggest Japanese wrestler never faced is Suzuki. I know he wants to do it and I want to do it. Once again, he’s a lot like my thoughts on Takeshita.”

He continued, “I don’t want to have a match just on a random Dynamite, I want to have a big main event match in Ryogoku, in the Tokyo Dome, somewhere big, and I want to do it in Japan.”

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Chris Jericho, the former AEW World Champion, recently defeated Konosuke Takeshita at DDT Ultimate Party 2023. During the post-show press conference, Jericho expressed his desire to face Kota Ibushi and his interest in having a match against Minoru Suzuki.

Jericho praised Takeshita’s performance and mentioned that he was impressed with another DDT wrestler, Endo. However, he specifically mentioned Ibushi and Suzuki as wrestlers he would like to face in Japan. Jericho emphasized that he wants to have a big main event match in Ryogoku or the Tokyo Dome, somewhere significant, rather than just a random match on a regular show.

The statement made by Jericho during the press conference was also shared on Twitter by DDT ProWrestling. In the tweet, Jericho mentioned his admiration for Endo and expressed his intention to have a match against Ibushi and Suzuki in Japan.

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In conclusion, Chris Jericho’s victory over Konosuke Takeshita at DDT Ultimate Party 2023 has sparked discussions about his future goals in Japan. With his sights set on facing Kota Ibushi and Minoru Suzuki, Jericho aims to have a significant main event match in a prestigious venue like Ryogoku or the Tokyo Dome. Wrestling fans can stay informed about these developments and more through and its social media platforms.