Insights into CM Punk’s WWE Future During His Recovery Period

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On Monday’s episode of WWE RAW, a video package aired confirming that CM Punk underwent successful surgery on his triceps.

Fightful Select has shared an update on WWE’s plans for Punk as he recovers from his torn triceps injury.

Punk was reportedly backstage at SmackDown last Friday in Birmingham, Alabama, as he underwent surgery in the area the day before.

The former AEW World Champion also recently attended the WWE Performance Center twice to help out talents, and many reportedly see Punk working as a coach in the future.

Punk’s friend and former trainer Ace Steel also recently mentioned that WWE might want Punk for commentary work.

Steel said, “They want him commentary, they want him on commentary. I don’t know that they go that route since they did an injury angle to pull him out since they did the storyline on him; [Drew] stomps on his arm. There’s the physicality that puts him out. I personally don’t want to see him in an onscreen role unless it’s in the meantime he’s doing NXT or something…“I really don’t want to see him on the same show as Drew Mcintyre because his sole focus would be going after Drew Mcintyre. ‘Well, I can’t fight you. Well, I’m gonna try.’ We see people hit by cars and forktrucks and all these things, you know. Still, I feel like the fact that they did the injury that a lot of people think they, they put the storyline to it now that a lot of people think it’s, he’s faking it, which is hilarious that it’s a storyline 100% which of course it’s wrestling. So, you’ve done so many of those, like, oh, well, let’s do this where he hurts guys.”

Punk suffered the injury last month during the 2024 men’s Royal Rumble match. It was his first televised bout in WWE in 10 years, his last one being the 2014 Royal Rumble.

CM Punk, the former AEW World Champion and renowned professional wrestler, recently underwent successful surgery on his triceps after suffering an injury during the 2024 men’s Royal Rumble match. The news of his surgery was confirmed on Monday’s episode of WWE RAW through a video package.

According to reports from Fightful Select, WWE has some plans in mind for Punk as he recovers from his torn triceps injury. It was revealed that Punk was present backstage at SmackDown in Birmingham, Alabama, last Friday, just a day after his surgery in the same area. This indicates that Punk is actively involved with WWE despite his recent stint in AEW.

Interestingly, Punk has also made two visits to the WWE Performance Center to assist and mentor talents. This has led to speculation that he might transition into a coaching role in the future. Many individuals within the wrestling industry reportedly see Punk as a potential coach due to his wealth of experience and knowledge.

Moreover, Ace Steel, a close friend and former trainer of Punk, mentioned in an interview that WWE might be interested in having Punk work as a commentator. However, Steel expressed doubts about this possibility due to the injury angle that was used to write Punk out of storylines. He suggested that Punk’s return to an onscreen role should only be considered if it involves working with NXT or a similar platform.

Steel also highlighted the potential challenge of having Punk and Drew McIntyre, a prominent WWE superstar, on the same show. He believed that Punk’s sole focus would be going after McIntyre, which could limit the storyline possibilities. Additionally, Steel acknowledged the humorous aspect of fans questioning whether Punk’s injury was real or part of a scripted storyline, as is common in professional wrestling.

CM Punk’s injury occurred during his first televised match in WWE in 10 years, with his previous appearance being at the 2014 Royal Rumble. Despite this setback, Punk’s surgery was successful, and it remains to be seen how WWE will utilize him once he fully recovers.

In conclusion, CM Punk’s recent surgery on his triceps has sparked discussions about his future in WWE. While he recovers from his injury, Punk has been present backstage at WWE events and has made visits to the Performance Center to mentor talents. There is speculation that he may transition into a coaching role or potentially work as a commentator. However, the challenges of integrating him back into storylines and potential conflicts with other wrestlers have been raised. Fans eagerly await Punk’s return and the exciting possibilities that lie ahead for the renowned wrestler.