‘Heels’ Viewership Sees Slight Drop In Second Week On STARZ

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‘Heels’ Viewership Sees Slight Drop In Second Week On STARZ


Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Starz

The second episode of STARZ’s wrestling-based drama Heels saw a slight drop in viewership this week, bringing in 103,000 viewers on Sunday night.

This week’s episode, titled “Dusty Finish,” was down a bit from the 128,000 viewers the show brought in last week for the premiere. Additionally, ShowBuzzDaily reports episode two brought in a 0.01 demo rating, which is down from the 0.02 the show brought in last week.

Episode three of the show is titled “Cheap Heat” and it will also feature the debut of CM Punk’s “Ricky Rabies” character. You can see a preview of the episode below:

CM Punk also spoke with WrestleZone about the new character being an homage to wrestling’s past, adding that fans will appreciate the Easter eggs thrown into the character once they see him on the show.

“I showed up and saw that outfit and everything else and I was kinda given free rein to figure out who Ricky Rabies was, where he was from. And really what I was thrilled about was, I could get to do a little love letter, an homage to some people in my wrestling career that I shared locker rooms with and helped me out. The big one—I don’t even want to say who it is. I want people to watch this show and watch Ricky Rabies, and they’ll be able to figure it out. I peppered it in with little Easter eggs here and there, so if you’re a hardcore wrestling fan,” he noted, “you know what to look for. You’re going to be ‘tickled pink’ by Ricky Rabies.”

Check out our full interview with CM Punk at this link. WrestleZone also spoke with Stephen Amell about Punk’s role on the show and how he adds some authenticity to the series; you can see our interview with Amell at this link. Heels airs on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. EST on STARZ.

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