Billy Corgan: Mickie James Deserves A Lot Of Credit For NWA And IMPACT Wrestling Mending Fences

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Billy Corgan: Mickie James Deserves A Lot Of Credit For NWA And IMPACT Wrestling Mending Fences

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In recent years, the relationship between the NWA and IMPACT Wrestling had been strained, somewhat due to Billy Corgan‘s controversial departure from the latter company. Corgan left IMPACT over some issues about getting paid on time, among other factors, and when he became the president of NWA, it seemed unlikely that he’d ever want to work with IMPACT. But in the past few weeks, the two promotions have been have been collaborating, and IMPACT Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo will defend her title at NWA EmPowerrr.

During an appearance on the Battleground Podcast, Corgan credited EmPowerrr executive producer Mickie James, a three-time TNA Knockouts Champion, as a major player in the ongoing process that has seen the two promotions mending fences.

“Well I think it’s all credit to Mickie, you know, she was the one that had the relationships to go back and kind of reopen that door, which from my end was closed due to some business stuff that had gone on,” said Corgan. “And then Pat Kenney, who works behind the scenes in talent relations, has a long-standing relationship with people in IMPACT. And so I think it just kind of mended the fence and we found some business to do together and they’ve been a great partner in this.

“Obviously Deonna Purrazzo’s gonna be on the pay-per-view, and it’s a real honor. Let’s not forget, I worked for that championship, so that championship means a lot to me. So to have it on an NWA show is a great honor.”

Corgan also spoke highly of James’ involvement behind the scenes for the NWA, and he noted that while he fully supports her active free agency, he’d “love” to see her work for the compant full-time.

“As far as Mickie as a talent, Mickie wants to remain a free agent, which, as a friend of hers, I think is totally a wise business decision,” said Corgan. “Of course, if she wants to sign exclusive to the NWA, I would love for that but I think it’s a good decision for her. She should be available on the open market to work with whomever she wants to in whatever way she wants to. She’s earned that, so I applaud her in that.

“As far as behind the scenes, she’s definitely in a leadership role. Obviously she’s very involved in what’s happening in the women’s currently, but I wouldn’t constrain her to that. I want someone of Mickie’s skill set behind the scenes helping make the entire brand better.”

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