‘Hangman’ Adam Page On Defeating PAC, Being In The Elite And More

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‘Hangman’ Adam Page On Defeating PAC, Being In The Elite And More

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

After AEW Full Gear, “Hangman” Adam Page spoke to the media. He discussed several topics, including his victory over PAC and being a member of The Elite.

On defeating PAC at AEW Full Gear:

Page: “It’s weird, being in The Elite, right, and being me. And my teammates are the Best Bout Machine and the greatest tag team of all time, ‘Mr. AEW’ Cody and it’s hard, man. It’s big shoes to fill, as far as partners. And I felt like, this year, I have not done it, you know? And I beat PAC tonight and I’m happy about it, I really am, but we’re 1-1, so I haven’t really beat him in the way that I need to, I think.So I’d like to have a rubber match, to be honest with you, between the two of us and I’d like to probably have it as soon as possible.”

On AEW’s power rankings:

Page: “It’s good man, yeah, shoot. What was I on the rankings? 3? What was Pac? 2? I don’t know how that changes tonight and I don’t know how that changes Wednesday. So we’ll see about that. But it’s cool, man, you know, to really have a legitimate sense of where you are, you know what I mean? And it puts things in perspective for you.”

The full video is available here:

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