‘GUNTHER Perfectly Fits the Role of King of The Ring, Asserts Booker T’

‘GUNTHER Perfectly Fits the Role of King of The Ring, Asserts Booker T’
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During a recent episode of his podcast, “Hall of Fame,” Booker T aired his views on GUNTHER and Nia Jax’s triumph in the 2024 King and Queen of the Ring tournament.

Highlights from the podcast include:

Discussing Nia Jax’s Queen of the Ring victory, Booker T said, “It seems apt to finally give Nia Jax this significant recognition. It’s quite likely that if she wins a championship, it will take a miracle to seize it from her. It’s a role that may allow Nia to experience something fresh and different, expanding her skills, creating on the go, and pushing her limits.” He added that this puts Nia in the spotlight every week and allows her to maximize her TV presence, a golden opportunity. He is eager to see what comes next with her character as the Queen of the Ring.

He proceeded to discuss GUNTHER’s King of the Ring victory: “GUNTHER is naturally made for this position. He seems ideal as someone expected to excel in the King of the Ring tournament. With the most extended Intercontinental Championship reign ever, GUNTHER is certainly someone who could perform the role of a king wonderfully. As King GUNTHER, there’s a unique charm to that, fitting for a person of regal stature.”

Finally, speaking of GUNTHER’s authenticity, he said, “GUNTHER definitely rejuvenates the wrestling feeling of our childhood. He represents the same captivating persona as the wrestlers we admired when we were kids; he is so real, both in and out of the ring, that he could compel you to avoid getting on his wrong side.”