Gunther expresses interest in wrestling Logan Paul in WWE.

Gunther expresses interest in wrestling Logan Paul in WWE.
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In a recent appearance on “The Masked Man Show,” WWE Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER praised the work of reigning United States Champion Logan Paul.

The Ring General also expressed his interest in feuding with The Maverick.


You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On working a possible matchup with Logan Paul: “To the match itself, I would love to do the match. I think it would be very exciting. On him, the thing in general with celebrities coming into our business, for a while, I thought it was a bit unnecessary because in a lot of cases it was just somebody coming in and getting paid who would try to take the most out of it for them and then leave again. With celebrities we’ve had recently, like Logan Paul and Bad Bunny, those are guys that are obviously passionate about what we do. They enjoy it, they love it, and they have a high interest in converting to it and not just going in there and taking something out.”

On his thoughts on Paul as a wrestler: “With that being said, I have a very positive opinion of Logan Paul. He helps everybody with wanting to do it because he has astronomical reach on the internet, he’s very respectful, he doesn’t walk around and think he’s a big deal, and the guy has an amazing career outside of WWE already, basically self-made. Now he’s decided to join us and give it a go there. So far, he’s United States Champion, so congratulations. He’s done very well so far and in general is very exciting to watch. Very athletic, he’s quite tall, great body, charismatic, can talk, he’s not afraid of showing off. It’s a great addition for us.”

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Logan Paul Praised by WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther

In a recent interview on “The Masked Man Show,” WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther spoke highly of reigning United States Champion Logan Paul. Gunther expressed his interest in feuding with the popular internet personality and praised his passion for professional wrestling.

Gunther acknowledged that there has been a trend of celebrities entering the wrestling business for financial gain and then leaving. However, he believes that Logan Paul is different. Gunther commended Paul for his genuine interest in the sport and his dedication to learning and improving as a wrestler.

The WWE Intercontinental Champion also highlighted Paul’s positive attributes as a wrestler. He mentioned that Paul’s massive online following gives him a significant reach and influence, which can benefit the wrestling industry. Gunther described Paul as respectful, humble, and not someone who walks around thinking he’s a big deal. He also praised Paul’s athleticism, height, physique, charisma, and ability to engage with the audience.

Gunther’s comments reflect a growing trend in the wrestling industry, where celebrities are welcomed if they show genuine passion and respect for the craft. Recent examples include Logan Paul and Bad Bunny, who have both made successful transitions into professional wrestling.

Logan Paul’s involvement in WWE has been met with mixed reactions from fans. However, his United States Championship win and positive reception from fellow wrestlers like Gunther indicate that he is making a positive impact on the industry.

As wrestling continues to evolve and attract new audiences, collaborations with celebrities like Logan Paul can bring fresh energy and attention to the sport. It provides an opportunity for crossover fans to discover and appreciate the athleticism and storytelling that professional wrestling offers.

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In conclusion, Gunther’s praise for Logan Paul as a wrestler and his interest in a potential matchup with him highlights the positive impact that celebrities can have on the wrestling industry when they approach it with genuine passion and respect. Logan Paul’s involvement in WWE has been well-received so far, and it will be interesting to see how his career in professional wrestling progresses.