Daniel Garcia’s Willingness to Take Risks Every Single Night

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Daniel Garcia lost to former TNT Champion Miro last night on AEW Collision.

Following the match, cameras caught up with Garcia, who addressed his loss in a digital exclusive video.


You can check out some highlights from the backstage interview below:

On being unafraid to step up to any challenge: “You know, in a company and an environment that it seems like top guys are afraid to face top guys, it seems like there’s one person around here that isn’t afraid to do that, one person that will step up to every single challenge, and every single obstacle that’s put in front of him, and I will say that is myself. That is Daniel Garcia.”

On other talents trying to hold onto their “poker chips”: “All these people, you know, they just want to hold onto all of their poker chips in fetal position and hold on for them for dear life in hopes that somebody else can’t take their chips, and they have a lot of chips. You would think that they would be able to afford to lose a couple of them every once in a while. But then you have somebody like me, who’s maybe got three or four poker chips, but every time I collect those little amount of poker chips, I’m pushing them to the front of the table every single time and betting everything that I have.”

On his recent losses: “And you know, sometimes I go broke. You know, sometimes I tap out to MJF on a Wednesday. I tap out to Andrade on a Saturday, and I pass out to Miro on a Saturday after that, but that’s what I do. That’s the risk I’m willing to put myself in, you know. I get a call saying, ‘You want to wrestle MJF?’ ‘Yeah, let’s do it.’ ‘You want to wrestle Andrade?’ ‘Yeah, let’s do it.’ ‘You want to wrestle Miro?’ ‘Yeah, let’s do it.’ Tell me who else in this company is putting themself in this much danger day after day, night after night, week after week. I can’t name another person who’s doing it like me. And yeah, I fall flat on my face. Sometimes I get my arm broken. Sometimes I hurt my knee. Sometimes I get Camel Clutched, and I end up with some blood in my lungs, which I do right now. I need to go see the doctor desperately after this. But I’m willing to risk it all every single night. That’s what makes me different.”

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Daniel Garcia, a rising star in the world of professional wrestling, recently faced off against former TNT Champion Miro on AEW Collision. Although Garcia ultimately lost the match, he displayed a fearless attitude and determination that sets him apart from other wrestlers.

In a digital exclusive video following the match, Garcia addressed his loss and shared his thoughts on the current wrestling landscape. He emphasized his willingness to step up to any challenge, regardless of the opponent’s status. In an industry where top wrestlers often avoid facing each other, Garcia stands out as someone who is unafraid to take on any obstacle.

Garcia also commented on other talents in the industry who are reluctant to take risks. He compared them to individuals holding onto their “poker chips” in a defensive manner, unwilling to lose any of their resources. In contrast, Garcia sees himself as someone with fewer chips but is willing to bet everything he has at every opportunity. He believes that his approach sets him apart from others and demonstrates his commitment to pushing himself to the limit.

Despite his recent losses to MJF, Andrade, and Miro, Garcia remains undeterred. He acknowledges that sometimes he falls flat on his face or suffers injuries, but he sees these setbacks as part of the risk he willingly takes. Garcia prides himself on being the type of wrestler who consistently puts himself in dangerous situations and is willing to sacrifice everything for his craft.

The backstage interview with Garcia after his match against Miro can be viewed on the official All Elite Wrestling Twitter account. In the interview, Garcia discusses his mindset and the challenges he faces as a wrestler.

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In conclusion, Daniel Garcia’s recent loss to Miro may have been a setback, but it showcased his fearlessness and determination. Garcia’s willingness to take on any challenge and put everything on the line sets him apart from other wrestlers. Despite the risks involved, Garcia remains committed to pushing himself and proving that he is a force to be reckoned with in the wrestling industry.