Grim Sparkling Wrestling Shoot Interview

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In this episode of On Your Trace issues earn aggressive when Trace E Xtreme sits down with GRIM!!!


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I be nuts about wrestling, due to the they are tidy. females and gents my name is label crude 15 plus years undefeated backyard wrestling leisure champion and host of in your label and at present we've bought a .

Guest that's been we've been claiming for this one for a steady long time all you other americans have asked for it and what we pause it in your market we come up with what which that you just can well like so this week this this episode is now not any numerous females and gents with out extra ado .

It is grim welcome to the display cover grimm i'm here i'm here on this display cover this minute tiny display cover and that i i don't pause minute exhibits nonetheless the reason i figured i'd pause this minute display cover is due to the there's somebody strolling around .

Claiming to be a 15-One year undefeated backyard wrestling champion nonetheless he hasn't confronted me okay i'm gonna stop you lawful there kid due to the uh i do know you're over there playing around with your your with your your chums in your your territory your backyard territory what what i do know you're up there playing .

Alongside with your minute chums and your toys in your backyard territory nonetheless where i come from i’m a 15 plus One year undefeated backyard wrestling leisure champion in my have company and if you wanna i'm see i'm gonna try to preserve this official okay i purchased some questions i'm gonna try to .

Defend this official nonetheless don't don't you what what the most easy quiz of i desire to listen to popping out of your mouth is when does grimm face me for that brittley cardboard cutout championship okay successfully successfully on the total in my day of youtube backyard wrestling all americans .

Knows that all americans accepts it i'm the fifth greatest wrestling channel on this planet easiest bested by four multi-million buck companies gts wrestling is the greatest juggernaut on this planet and that i'm now not going to have this man strolling around alongside with his dude rag prison label performing like a tough man .

Pondering he's a 15-One year undefeated backyard wrestling champion when he hasn't confronted me listen kid what on the total i'd sigh you to pack a lunch and that i'm obvious you'd pack a couple nonetheless listen here i’m retired okay i've accomplished all the issues i've accomplished all the issues there would possibly per chance be to entire in .

This industry i don't must exhibit myself by beating you i don't must come abet up to your territory and display cover the followers what they in actual fact been lacking out on so let's upright till heard what i upright heard .

What'd you pause i'm sorry i alarm grimm i i i don't sound like that successfully abet on youtube wrestling champion that i'm gonna now remark i'm retired that's what i heard yeah successfully i don't sound like that you just sound like a god dang idiot listen until hunter's cash .

And much less shao khan's cash comes into play i ain't pulling to terry funk kid you ain't value it now pause it is foremost to be official and likewise you wanna be asked some quiz of and answered some questions i will't wait let's pause this thing okay is your name grim due to the it's short for grimace like the mcdonald's persona .

First quiz of are you gonna take a seat here and insult me with some form of tiring quiz of like that i don't know what your name capability who the [ __ ] pause you deem you're talking to how dare you the method dare you come out of here that was the legitimacy first actor literally admitting to being .

Worried to face me now you're gonna take a seat here and insult me incandescent i will't pause anything about it like i put you by a desk i was now not trying to insult you that was a legitimate quiz of i don't know what your dead name capability grim is what your mother calls me when i rail her six methods to sunday .

Are you my dad per chance okay steady focus on i ha i don't know who my dad is all i knows is that she banged some wrestler within the 80s and he or she doesn't know who he was due to the she was relatively tipsy nonetheless she suggested me he was a wrestler so if you're my dad it is foremost to sigh me now due to the you owe me loads of baby .

Relief and likewise you owe me loads of baseball cat ball catching and which no no i don't deem that was your mother truly i deem that was your aunt below no circumstances tips i didn't truly bang your mother it was your aunt okay correct successfully i don't desire you to be my rattling dad anyway i didn't desire you to be my son you're a .

Disappointment i’d below no circumstances earn you as a son strolling around with that cardboard within the low cost of out cookie belt it's an embarrassment to the family i’d disown you i don't mean that son i'm sorry don't name me son if you don't mean it have you ever tasted a sweeter than mine .

Yes or no how did how did becky lynch earn pregnant if she's the a person successfully listen every so ceaselessly other americans desire to replace their genders nonetheless they easiest switch their gender by identifying as a numerous gender now not by an steady surgical activity so due to the this truth clearly that's what .

Took place with becky becky's the man lawful i believed so nonetheless she clearly has females reproductive organs due to the this truth she’s going to even be pregnant gotcha that was something that i was i've been very perplexed about due to the she was a females's champion that up for you due to the you realize it's wanted .

That you just understand gender identities and how that works yeah okay subsequent quiz of how many subscribers on youtube pause which that you just can well need oh three or four i’ve over 1.2 million subscribers on my silly tremendous i purchased better than that i do know i've considered them all here all 18 of .

Them and that i no no it's now not a contest or anything i'm now not trying to gain nonetheless i do know i’ve i purchased doubtlessly what there's how many americans are on this planet 100 billion some i’ve doubtlessly about 100 billion i haven't checked at present nonetheless i purchased a ways more uh subscribers than you pause lawful yeah precisely in your delusional .

World that you just exist in where you deem you're a 15-One year outmoded champion nonetheless you in all likelihood haven't accomplished anything nonetheless beat your for the last 15 days no i did it i’ve a female friend okay she works at applebee's i don't gotta contact my have wiener .

I guess what does she payment you to contact it that's now not funny oh don't you focus on my female friend like that okay i upright wanted to assemble obvious you're giving her a correct dip okay we're gonna cross on due to the if you advise one other man didn't anguish about my female friend i'm gonna come what are .

You gonna pause i'm gonna come i'm gonna display cover up to your non-public dwelling and that i'm gonna come up with the whooping you've deserved grim now we are slipping down a direction that i don't deem that's your female friend's name that's none of your industry you are now not welcome at her applebee's you hear me yeah yeah i'll drag lawful in there i'll drag .

Ethical in there and that i'll sigh her who the [ __ ] i’m and what which that you just can well like and that i'll advise that i’m 100 better than you and guess what mr prefer your girl will seemingly be strolling out with your female friend no and then then per chance upright per chance you'll develop the sack ample to wing your ass out here to original jersey .

And combat me and put that cardboard cookie championship on the motorway i guess you'd like that kid let's cross on to the next quiz of have you ever put an action resolve up your butt listen what i pause in my personal existence is my industry now the reason we don't put free .

Figures is in case another person will have put an action resolve up there you don't know where the hell they've been have you ever put an action resolve of yours clearly which that you just can well need due to the then as soon as more it wasn't on motive it came about in a match and that i didn't mean for it to occur it was the identical .

Thing came about to me it was an accident i sat on it nonetheless the truth of the topic is that i realized one day when i went to sell that action resolve that had been penetrated into my [ __ ] i said this was in my and somebody's gonna put it and play with it and per chance a kid's even .

Be pleased gonna deem that they brought it coolest toy ever then as soon as more it was an resolve and it's disgusting and so they would possibly per chance level-headed below no circumstances have that toy that's why you don't put free toys you don't desire your young other americans playing with who who i guess would put your butt figures jim jim cornette he likes that he likes .

Things in his minute butthole from what i hear he likes uh he likes to earn his oil checked loads of cases so i need you to enter more element come on bro you're a backyard celeb you don't know that you just don't know what oil register your oil take a look at me i don't have a automobile .

Rattling why are you so buttholes i don't i'm now not balls i don't desire no one coming shut to my butthole okay i upright know you bought loads of uncommon you upright bought you and likewise you and zack ryder uncommon that must hell out with your toy obsession i don't .

Trace it that leads me to my subsequent quiz of did zack ryder earn fired from wwe due to the he plays with toys now initially i don't know the steady reason that he was terminated from his contract nonetheless i will somewhat a lot bid it's now not due to the he collects action figures .

Wager he did that'd be that'd be like you getting fired from your minute on the label display cover for being a fury i bustle the i bustle the display cover here no one's firing me to be able to level-headed fire your self for being a furry yeah that's now not ever gonna have a furry what the heck is a furry .

That thing that you just pause on the weekends you for you didn't even know what it's called nonetheless that's what i brian nonetheless i i bustle a company i i'm a steady i purchased bills to pay i'm a i'm a grown-ass man that likes to brighten up like an animal on the weekends you're truly starting to piss me off .

Graham i boom to god what are you gonna be chuffed bite me what are you gonna take a seat there and issue about it are you going to take a seat there and cry or are you truly going to stand up in your self and put that cardboard cookie within the low cost of out shut up shut up shut up champion can retain it for .

As soon as in its existence oh my god there's no one on this world i loathe better than you which that you just can well need literally topped my record lawful subsequent to john cena let's cross on due to the this is the worst night of my existence wait subsequent quiz of sure i purchased a ways more questions you dumbass .

Hear to me pause you deem otis and tucker are inbred pause i deem otis and tucker are inbred initially otis and tucker are ripping off grim and doohop okay i’m the true otis the son stole my gimmick and now they're striking them on tv and giving them a push .

When i'm the man that must had been employed to open with the true grim now not the copycat grim otis strolling around thinking he's grim doing chubby mode and all that [ __ ] the most easy [ __ ] thing that he has bought on me is the caterpillar which is tiring anyway i deem the caterpillar is form of frigid .

And that i deem per chance if you knew guidelines on how to entire which you can desire a job there per chance if you had abilities per chance you'd earn some views ah shut up shut up grimm shut up now subsequent quiz of subsequent quiz of play in okay let me create myself and be remained a official stop .

Don't open that [ __ ] i boom to god trying to work with united airways to entire a energy bomb off an airplane i'll be the first one on this industry to entire that i loathe you so i loathe you loads i do know i loathe you no i loathe you no i i [ __ ] loathe you loads i loathe you loads are you repeating after me are .

You saying what are you saying i boom to god i boom to god pause we upright open over please grim open over please grim stop it stop it and there's nothing which that you just can well pause about it marky label within the [ __ ] bunch okay what's your minute quiz of i'll .

Solution it drag forward will you due to the this one's about meals so which that you just can well be involved is that this the one where you chuffed is that this the one where you place apart a quiz of to me to have sex with your female friend whereas you gaze due to the you're a cuck i don't know what that capability i don't even know what a cuck capability i i .

Don't drink young other americans be conscious of me quiz of is grim trying to be official here which is something you don't know nothing about zero why does edge preserve talking about grits grits are [ __ ] unsightly initially no topic he's talking about his promo doubtlessly .

Has something to entire with your mother due to the all of us know a lot like a doorknob all americans's had a flip subsequent quiz of the wrestler booker t what does the t stand for thomas you answered a quiz of thank you jack .

Specific ljn mattel what the [ __ ] does any of that [ __ ] even mean the names of toy companies yeah what’s that what who what’s it they're the names of toy companies truly they're the names of the toy companies who've produced wrestling figures over time .

Maybe that's why who they are yeah successfully no i don't know anything about that due to the i'm a grown-up man and that i bustle a company and that i am a official i decide this industry very seriously grim unlike you okay i decide this industry very seriously pause you be taught this belt i be taught it i be taught that's the tremendous tremendous .

Extreme [ __ ] i've ever considered in my existence if i wished somebody to know that i was [ __ ] beefy of [ __ ] i'd put a cardboard belt over my shoulder how's it going you minute punk hello wait sure what's your favorite version of sting the one who's retired that .

Stinks of the man he i desire him to come abet abet for one other match yeah i don't desire to establish him versus undertaker oh yeah successfully i desire to establish me versus you for that cardboard cookie within the low cost of out tumble it tumble it no one needs to establish that due to the no one needs to establish me damage you .

Subsequent quiz of uh i don't truly realize um i don't truly realize orange cassidy does he have that disease where you nod off the total time necrophilia sure as a subject of truth he also suffers from uh bestiality i don't know wait below no circumstances tips that's that's within the event which that you just can well need sex with an animal .

That's easiest other americans which have members of the family with your mother subsequent uh this isn't a segment of our display cover it's a stress-free recreation we play i desire you to repeat after me graham easiest podcast ever mine no i said repeat after me graham easiest expend who what form of person would .

Take a seat here and repeat after somebody and take a seat there and advise all the issues it's a recreation grim pause guidelines on how to play a recreation no i'm now not going to take a seat here and play games with you i don't even know who you are wait i omit how pause you even advise your name as soon as more what’s your name my name it doesn't .

Topic what your name is okay you're now not the rock which that you just can well't legally advise that i could per chance perchance well legally name the police officers on you lawful now subsequent quiz of legally pause it due to the i deem that'd be hilarious they'd be like who's the idiot on the cellular phone trying to have us arrest a man across .

The nation who prone the rocks catchphrase that idiot lawful there subsequent quiz of am i able to’ve your netflix login so i will gaze the immense display cover display cover what you're so awful you're so pathetic .

I'm now not pulling desperation in your eyes so i correct man grim and gonna pause you a solid and that i'm gonna hook you up with my login data for you to gaze it truly hello i desire you to textual stutter material me within the event you're halfway by the display cover due to the that's what i'll switch my password .

Yeah nonetheless i'll earn in there and that i'll earn in there and that i'll switch it earlier than which that you just can well switch it abet so as that'll be mine eternally and then you with out a doubt upright have to pay for it yeah see at that see at the mind on this one i'm a mama genius i'm a lady puffer i'm lanie puffer i'm within the genius .

Logging in so now too tiring you upright gave away your master conception i'm now not gonna give it to you now i was upright i was upright joking pause you bought warmth with kurt hawkins let me sigh you the warmth that i’ve with curt hawkins okay due to the here which that you just can well desire a man who constructed a match in opposition to me for the most .

Prestigious championship in all of youtube the youtube wrestling figures heavyweight championship which that you just can well need two of the greatest toy collectors on this planet about to converge in a wrestling ring with the youtube title striking on steadiness as they’d a ladder match and what does .

He pause he signs a contract with wwe which forbade him from doing the match with me sounds like a tidy dedication successfully what it sounds like to me a one who's unnerved it sounds like a one who took every possible method out that he would possibly per chance perchance well .

He signed with wwe the company that fired him beforehand the company that was now not going to entire anything with him nonetheless fire him as soon as more which they did and rightfully so due to the what’s hawkins delivered nothing nothing for no one so pause i’ve warmth with curt hawkins .

You're rattling lawful i pause due to the hawkins fears grim the young other americans all the method by the nation have held up signs arena after arena hoping kurt hawkins was even booked to establish the designate that said hawkins fears grim most of the time he wasn't even booked most of the time he wasn't even prone on the display cover .

However the signs had been there hawkins fierce grim and now that he's in a roundabout method launched from this company he's hiding leisurely something called quarantine he's sitting there saying i will't combat i will't come out of the home there's a corona virus that would possibly per chance perchance well earn me [ __ ] he's hiding from the indisputable truth that .

I desire to combat him and abolish him as soon as and for all ah stop i'm bored oh what the [ __ ] you name that okay uh we're getting shut to the pause here thank god okay all lawful i desire a determine on my pupil skeeter skyflyer i don't earn it he's you and he said .

That i had to earn you i had to earn you on the display cover so i locked him up in my goddamn cat provider so he wouldn't kiss your ass the total time nonetheless he says he suggested me to sigh you that he loves you he likes you for the enhance i'm now not going to sigh him why now not .

Since you are a goofy man with a four-One year-outmoded's mind who plays with toys and likewise you'll carry a cardboard championship it is miles a championship it is miles a championship and that i don't know if you've per chance bought your per chance haven't cleaned your eyes at present due to the you per chance don't know what these .

Leer like grim nonetheless it is miles a championship and that i do know you're hungry you're continuously hungry you in all likelihood desire this don't you successfully you ain't getting it okay so upright write that minute fantasy out of your mind and carry the toys abet in and shove them up your ass due to the i do know that's what you adore now let's wrap .

This up due to the i purchased a couple more questions and then i deem upright let the anguish be over pause you adore shawn michaels nonetheless due to the he's called the boy toy i love shawn michaels due to the he's the most easy wrestler on this planet somebody like you marquee a [ __ ] .

Embarrassment now not an embarrassment cat bought your tongue i'm now not an embarrassment sure you are see at you sitting there with a duct taped portion of cardboard calling it a championship my mother is terribly ecstatic with me my stepdad ted is terribly ecstatic with me and the total my wrestlers and backyard .

Readers and leisure see up to me okay i’m now not an embarrassment you choose that abet lawful now or i will legally sue you for slandering sue me i will and that i'll decide all of your toys and what i'll put them in a fire and that i'll melt and what melt them whereas you see at the fire okay .

You you're a lot like a lady you wouldn't know what to entire if you laid your fingers on my toys okay which that you just can well be interior i wouldn't put my fingers in your toys i'm a grown man which that you just can well admire them the minute you observed them you'd tumble in admire you're upright jealous that which that you just can well't manage to pay for them due to the .

You're awful and thanks to the this truth you try to behave like me having the greatest series within the ancient past of the arena is some form of uncommon thing due to the you're jealous can't manage to pay for it i purchased better issues to utilize my cash on okay hookers and cocaine all of us know successfully i’ve .

A female friend uh we established earlier you pay her okay this is the last segment of the display cover it's called shoot dwelling where i put a quiz of to my guests to shoot gripping on particular wrestlers and this is the goofy one syllable name version so grim shoot gripping on doink .

Clown that's now not shooting shooting is talking smack grim shoot gripping on pram graham who the [ __ ] is bram i below no circumstances heard of this i will't earn grim shoot gripping on cane my god recreation the fruit blue rule you're upright saying all americans else says grim shoot gripping on edge .

Edge is the [ __ ] easiest i obtained’t ever advise a imperfect observe about dang it that's now not shooting you dead [ __ ] the shooting is talking smack and it's talking at the increased volume and it's screaming into the camera grim shoot gripping on jazz who the [ __ ] is jazz oh guys yeah long ago in a galaxy removed from grim .

Shoot gripping on taz the human tiring machine the minute shorts who couldn't within the low cost of into wwe and had to develop loyal into a commentator that's form of shooting kid nonetheless that you just can with out a doubt expend some promo lessons at backyard wrestling academy oh god retain on i'm about to pass out .

Correctly grimm the pleasure has been all yours this is now not any doubt one of many worst experiences of my entire existence and that i desire you to know from the bottom of my heart that which that you just can well drag [ __ ] your self per chance i will due to the what per chance i anybody else to entire it for you until you pay .

And if you're now not down with that i don't upright advise it no no no yeah no what i on the total let my guests promote their [ __ ] nonetheless you don't need no more goddamn subscribers so i'm now not going to permit you to advertise nothing am i going to even be promoting it too the 12 these that gaze this .

Overjoyed with every of them 12 other americans proud every of them 12 other americans grim hi there guys you bought a football team as an audience i'm ecstatic with you label preserve the steady work let me know if you ever damage 18 views i will even all lawful that's all this for this episode of in your label uh this .

Has been the worst episode ever assemble obvious you don't gaze it and that i'll be taught you subsequent time upright a immense outmoded dose of vitamin e what pause you deem i feel stronger already you're already here first other americans uh earn advertising that's uncommon nonetheless i in discovering it irresistible .

I be wild about prowrestler, due to the they are the awesome.

Grim Sparkling Wrestling Shoot Interview

Grim Shocking Wrestling Shoot Interview