FTR Have Begged Tony Khan Multiple Times For A Match With The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express

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FTR Have Begged Tony Khan Multiple Times For A Match With The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express


Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

FTR recently spoke with Louis Dangoor of WrestleTalk, and the AEW World Tag Team Champions reflected on their run with AEW. In one highlight, the champions emphasized how much they want to work with the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express:

On working with legends:

Cash Wheeler: “You never think as a kid that’s gonna happen. I remember watching Rock ‘n’ Roll Express and the Brain Busters as a child. Never thought in a million years that number one, I would make it to the top of professional wrestling, or number two that some of these guys would still be around and still be involved, and that we’d have the honor and the privilege to piledrive Ricky Morton. I mean, not many people can say that, right? And not many people can say that they’ve gotten to sit under Tully Blanchard’s learning tree and to pick his brain and to see things from his perspective.”

Dax Harwood: “That night was a super emotional night for us because those were two tag teams that defined a generation.”

“To be able to be in the ring with them, alongside the Young Bucks, and us being the two defining tag teams of our generation, was very, very emotional so I watched it back when I got home. And I’d be remiss to tell you that I had tears in my eyes. It was very emotional for me.”

On wanting a match with the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express:

Harwood: “We’ve begged Tony [H-Khan], both of us have begged him multiple times, ‘Please book this match, please book this match.’ And he’s apprehensive, and he has a couple reasons to be apprehensive, you know, there could be backlash from the internet saying, you know, these guys are, because of COVID, maybe they’re susceptible to the virus.”

“But man, FTR vs. Rock ‘n’ Roll is great on the marquee, but also the way that myself and Cash wanna make, I talk about it all the time, and the way we wanna make people feel, that match would help us make people feel a certain way.”

Wheeler: “With the talent that Rock ‘n’ Roll have, and the connection they have with the crowd, they’re one of the very few teams left that we feel like we could go out there, and we could have the fans emotionally invested from start to finish and believing in every single thing that we did.”

The full interview is available here:

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