Finn Balor Defeats Ilja Dragunov At Worlds Collide

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Finn Balor Defeats Ilja Dragunov At Worlds Collide

finn balor

Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images

Finn Balor and Ilja Dragunov opened tonight’s Worlds Collide pay-per-view with a stellar match, as the two high-flying superstars went at it after feuding throughout the month. During the match, Dragunov gave it his best in trying to take down an icon like Balor, but it wasn’t enough, as Finn proved why he’s one of the best superstars in the wrestling world, coming away with a thrilling win.

Back and forth, HARD-HITTING action as @FinnBalor and @UNBESIEGBAR_ZAR trade shots at #WorldsCollide! #WWENXT #NXTUK

— WWE (@WWE) January 26, 2020

For more on how the match ended, check out below, and be sure to follow along with our live coverage of Worlds Collide:

Dragunov blasts Bálor with a lariat. King Kong knee drop by Dragunov. Bálor kicks out. Dragunov chops Bálor over and over again. Dragunov catches Bálor with a high knee for another near fall. Dragunov attempts a running DVD but Bálor escapes and lands a double stomp. Bálor and Dragunov trade strikes. Bálor ends up hitting the final cut. Slingblade by Bálor. Bálor calls for the shotgun dropkick. Dragon counters with a high angle suplex. Bálor kicks out. Dragunov destroys Bálor with a coast-to-coast missile dropkick. Bálor’s nose is bleeding. Dragunov tries a top rope senton but Bálor gets his knees up. Bálor sticks his diving foot stomp off the top. Bálor drops Dragunov with 1916 for the win!

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