WWE Worlds Collide Results (1/25/20)

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WWE Worlds Collide Results (1/25/20)

WWE Worlds Collide ResultsWWE Worlds Collide Results
January 25, 2020
Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Kay Lee Ray vs. Mia Yim

As soon as the bell rings Yim dropkicks KLR. Yim flattens KLR with a cannonball in the corner. KLR kicks out. KLR chops Yim. Yim laughs and unloads on KLR with chop after chop. KLR surprises Yim with a tornado DDT. Yim kicks out. KLR locks Yim in a neck vice. KLR chops Yim in the corner. Yim explodes out of the corner with a knife-edge chop. KLR slams Yim down to the mat. KLR misses a senton off the top. Slingshot DDT by Yim. KLR kicks out again. Back body drop by Yim. KLR falls out of the ring. Yim catches KLR with a suicide dive. Yim sends KLR into the ring. As Yim tries to get back in the ring KLR superkicks her. KLR dives off the top to the outside with a senton. KLR rolls Yim back into the ring. Yim and KLR trade strikes. KLR sets up her finish. Yim reverses it into the code blue. KLR kicks out. Yim tries eat defeat but KLR reverses it into her own version of eat defeat. KLR tries her finish again but Yim reverses it into a powerbomb. KLR kicks out. Yim destroys KLR with a Canadian destroyer. KLR somehow kicks out. Yim rolls up KLR in an O’Connor roll. KLR counters into a roll up. KLR uses the ropes to get the three count.

Winner- Kay Lee Ray

Main Card:

Finn Bálor vs. Ilja Dragunov

Bálor and Dragunov trade submission attempts. Bálor grabs a side headlock. Dragunov escapes with a head-scissor. Dragunov lands a cross body for a near fall. Dragunov taunts Bálor. Bálor goes to give Dragunov the double gun salute but Dragunov slaps him. Dragunov tries a sunset flip. Bálor rolls through and slaps Dragunov in the face. Dragunov suplexes Bálor then hits a leaping senton for near fall. Dragunov eventually lands a splash off the apron. Dragunov misses a diving axhandle off the top. Bálor stomps Dragunov before tossing him back into the ring. Basement dropkick by Bálor. Bálor slams Dragunov. Bálor gets a near fall after an elbow drop. Bálor stomps Dragunov. Dragunov reverses Bálor’s suplex attempt into a suplex of his own.

Dragunov blasts Bálor with a lariat. King Kong knee drop by Dragunov. Bálor kicks out. Dragunov chops Bálor over and over again. Dragunov catches Bálor with a high knee for another near fall. Dragunov attempts a running DVD but Bálor escapes and lands a double stomp. Bálor and Dragunov trade strikes. Bálor ends up hitting the final cut. Slingblade by Bálor. Bálor calls for the shotgun dropkick. Dragon counters with a high angle suplex. Bálor kicks out. Dragunov destroys Bálor with a coast-to-coast missile dropkick. Bálor’s nose is bleeding. Dragunov tries a top rope senton but Bálor gets his knees up. Bálor sticks his diving foot stomp off the top. Bálor drops Dragunov with 1916 for the win!

Winner-Finn Bálor

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