Fandango On His Dancing Gimmick: I Felt ‘Stuck’, There’s Only So Much You Can Do With It

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Fandango On His Dancing Gimmick: I Felt ‘Stuck’, There’s Only So Much You Can Do With It

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Dirty Dango, formerly known as WWE star Fandango, tried his best to make the most out of his memorable gimmick as a dancer, but he thought it was “stupid.”

During a recent appearance on the Such Good Shoot podcast, Fandango explained how he didn’t feel like he could turn Vince McMahon down when it became clear that the boss liked the character. He noted that even with the goofy gimmick, he still got to have a prominent spot on WWE programming.

“It’s one of those things, man, if they come up to you and they ask you you wanna be a cheerleader, and we’re gonna put you on TV for a year straight and you’re gonna be on everything, but you’re gonna be a stupid gimmick, what are you gonna do?” said Fandango. “So I was in the same kind of situation. Obviously I wanted them to ask me to be in The Shield, but they’re like Vince really likes this character. I mean what are you gonna say?”

Later in the interview, Fandango described how he felt “stuck” with the character because it felt fairly limited in scope.

“I kinda felt stuck with that character because where can you really [go with it]?” said Fandango. “It’s kind of a s— deal. You can change up your dancer, you can change up the type of dance you’re doing, but you’re still a f—— dancer.”

Looking ahead to the future, Fandango emphasized his excitement for doing different things with his character, and he’s looking forward to figuring out his next steps.

“There is some other things and some character shit that I do wanna do,” said Fandango. “I’m pretty stoked that I got 90 days because that gives me some time to sit down and think.”

Specifically, Fandango referenced the “dirtbag” character he played on the fourth season of WWE. He stated that he’d like to explore a similar gimmick in his post-WWE career.

“I played this character that I came up with in NXT, it was like a dirtbag gimmick in NXT Season Four,” said Fandango. “They didn’t give a s— about it, but we had a TV deal overseas, so they had to keep getting content out. So essentially we just got to do whatever we wanted and cut promos. But I played like a scumbag gimmick on that, and I really enjoyed doing that, so I’m gonna maybe try doing something like that. That was fun.”

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