Explanation for Samoa Joe’s Absence from AEW Dynamite Television Broadcast

Explanation for Samoa Joe’s Absence from AEW Dynamite Television Broadcast
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During the latest broadcast of AEW Dynamite on Wednesday, an intense Street Fight led to Samoan professional wrestler Samoa Joe being written out of the show. His standoff was with Chris Jericho.

Jericho was lent a helping hand by Big Bill and Bryan Keith on the show, as HOOK was unavailable due to a previous injury inflicted by Jericho himself. Another notable absence from the program was Katsuyori Shibata.

The bout’s unforeseen diversion occurred when Jericho used a forklift to load Joe and subsequently drove him through a wall. This unexpected move resulted in Joe being unable to carry on with the fight.

The aftermath saw Samoa Joe being carted away on a stretcher and taken off the premises in an ambulance.

The most recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio unveiled that Joe’s sudden departure from AEW TV is due to his forthcoming involvement in the filming of the second instalment of Peacock’s “Twisted Metal,” where he’s cast as Sweet Tooth.

Consequently, Joe will be missing from the AEW line-up until October.

Wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer shared, “He was in the first season of that, what’s the TV show? “Twisted Metal,” I think. And the second season starts filming in a couple of weeks. He’s gonna be filming until, I think, October, maybe. But that’s the deal. It was an injury angle to cover that he’s going to be out of action. So, yep, that’s the situation. So that’s why that whole thing. That’s why he lost the street fight. That’s why he’s doing the injury angle. And then when he comes back, he’s got a built-in grudge with Jericho to come back for.”

It’s yet to be revealed how Joe plans to exact revenge on Jericho once he makes his comeback on AEW TV.