Both CMLL and NJPW Express Discontent Over Stephanie Vaquer’s Transfer to WWE

Both CMLL and NJPW Express Discontent Over Stephanie Vaquer’s Transfer to WWE
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Reports confirm that Stephanie Vaquer has joined WWE, following her departure from both CMLL and NJPW. This is a piece of news we have been closely tracking here at eWn.

This decision has not gone down well with her former associations, CMLL, and NJPW. On the recent broadcast of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer highlighted their dissatisfaction regarding Vaquer’s abrupt exit as she canceled numerous appearances she was set to make in favor of moving to WWE.

Meltzer quoted: “This is a major story. The way everything transpired is a point of concern. Vaquer just happened to do Forbidden Door. She was desired by both AEW and WWE, but she was more inclined towards WWE, which she had disclosed to CMLL. I’m under the impression that she informed New Japan too, however, it might be possible that CMLL tipped off New Japan. At any rate, both New Japan and CMLL were in the know-before she officially signed…..When she broke the news to them (CMLL), they requested her to ‘do business the right way’. Being the holder of the tag titles in CMLL as well as the CMLL singles title, she was expected to drop her titles in San Jose, where she had a commitment for months, and then bid farewell…They had anticipated her to agree but reminded her, ‘Look, WWE wants you; even if WWE may not concur with this, you can let them know that you want to make a clean exit’. However, on Monday when she inked her deal, she informed them the following day i.e., July 9, that that was her last day with them, and she won’t be appearing at Arena Mexico on Friday nor on any other dates….The intention was to drop the title in San Jose, but she didn’t comply. To add salt to the wound, she defeated Tessa Blanchard in her final match….CMLL was extensively disheartened owing to these events, the likes of which they had never been subjected to previously by WWE.”

Meltzer drew attention to the fact that though WWE had inked contracts with Mistico and Alberto Del Rio in the past, they were allowed to complete their pledged dates with CMLL and depart amicably.

Further, Meltzer noted, “New Japan was equally outraged. She was among the first batch of individuals to be announced for the show in San Jose, and they had been promoting her for months. The issue they had was that she had been advertised for months for this event in a championship bout and then, just five days prior to the event, she rescinds, even though she is the champion.”

There is room for speculation that Vaquer might make an appearance at WWE live shows in the coming weekend.