Eric Bischoff Says His Last WWE Run Wasn’t A Good Fit, Talks New Opportunities And Challenges

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Eric Bischoff Says His Last WWE Run Wasn’t A Good Fit, Talks New Opportunities And Challenges

Eric Bischoff took part in a media scrum at Starrcast IV in Baltimore and was asked about the ‘elephant in the room’ which was his recent WWE departure. Bischoff previously addressed his run as SmackDown on his 83 Weeks podcast, noting that while it was brief, he was really grateful for the opportunity to work at WWE and he didn’t take anything personally. Bischoff expanded on his comments and said he was grateful for the chance, but it was just a bad fit and nothing more.

“It was a great opportunity. I’m grateful for the opportunity. It didn’t work out, but, in life, that happens sometimes. There are no hard feelings. I had a great talk with Vince a week and a half ago. Everything’s cool. There are so many talented people that are working there. It’s a great company. It was just a bad fit, that’s all. One of the things that I learned,” Bischoff said, “is that you need to be really passionate about making a commitment that big. It was a big job, I said that when I took the opportunity. To be honest about it, I think that my personality and the way I approach things creatively and the way I do business just didn’t fit their formula. That’s something I’m going to be a bit more careful about moving forward.”

Bischoff was asked if he was interested in working creatively in wrestling, or a run on commentary going forward. He said he’s not sure if he will ever work in the wrestling business again, but he sees himself working in a creative environment one way or another. In regards to commentary, he said “never say never but highly doubtful.” Bischoff said it’s more of a situation were he’s “kinda been there, done that. If I’m going to attack something, it’s gotta be something that I really feel challenged by or excited about.” Bischoff said. “[Commentary] is kind of going back to the future a little bit. I’m not sure if that would be a good fit for anybody.”

To close the conversation, Bischoff was asked what’s next outside of wrestling. He said he’s at a point where he wants to travel some more and spend more time with his kids, but there will always be that urge to create something else or take on a challenge.

“I love challenges, that something I’ve always been attracted to. One of the reasons things worked out so well with me at WCW is that they were in the tank. They had nothing to lose and it was like an open slate. That’s like a mad scientist’s playground.” Bischoff said. “I’m a moth that’s always going to be attracted to that kind of flame. I don’t have a goal or agenda right now. I have a movie project [the Hulk Hogan biopic Pandemonium] you may have heard about. I’m going to dive into that, it’s a whole new world. It’s something I’ve never been involved with before, and it’s something I’m excited to be involved with.”

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