El Phantasmo Drops Indications About Hikuleo’s Position in WWE, While Shane Taylor Commends Will Ospreay.

El Phantasmo Drops Indications About Hikuleo’s Position in WWE, While Shane Taylor Commends Will Ospreay.
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On a recent episode of the “AEW Unrestricted” podcast, Shane Taylor praised Will Ospreay for his exceptional performance throughout their AEW Collision match in May.

Taylor recognized the outstanding skills of Ospreay and how he performs at a truly extraordinary level, stating,

“In a sense, yes and no, I realize that may come across as odd. But, first off, full credit goes to Will Ospreay. There are numerous people in this sport with many tag lines, however, when Will Ospreay says he’s operating on a different level, there’s no exaggeration. That man truly is that proficient and could potentially be the Billy Goat. We’re looking at Danielson and Ospreay here, and although Ospreay won, I don’t believe he has yet overtaken Danielson. Perhaps with more time, say five years or so, the order could change. But, one thing that he told me before we began left a lasting impression. I always advise others, particularly my close friends, to go flaunt who they are. Let the audience remember why your name carries weight. What Will conveyed to me was, ‘You belong here, mate. So, show it to them.’ As energized as I am before matches, this affirmation is all I need. I’ve been fortunate to accomplish many things and compete with numerous talented individuals, and the match with Ospreay verified what I’ve always known. I can keep up with the pace and deliver. Then, you grapple with the psychology of how some people expect you to perform. My style isn’t the same as many past legends, especially the larger ones, but this is a new era. Merging that athleticism and the capability to work with someone of Ospreay’s caliber at this pace, it’s confirmation of my abilities. I can confidently say, ‘I told you so.’”

New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) recently published a video of El Phantasmo revealing his feelings of loneliness and sharing his thoughts on his AEW x NJPW: Forbidden Door 2024 match.

Phantasmo shared that Hikuleo is scheduled to make a move to WWE, and voiced his disappointment at being overlooked by Jay White and Juice Robinson during the Sunday pay-per-view event. In his own words,

This is it. Third Forbidden Door in the world’s most famous city, NYC, and I thought I’d be overjoyed to compete in a Ladder Match for the TNT Title. Of course, I didn’t walk away victorious, but what actually hurts more, I’m sure you’re aware of what’s happening with G.o.D., the speculations about Hikuleo signing with WWE, but we’re talking about AEW here. This is where Jay [White] and Juice [Robinson] both promised they would come to show their support at Forbidden Door, but neither of them turned up. They didn’t even reply to my messages. I’m hurting and feeling friendless. I’m at a loss for how I’m supposed to feel about wrestling now. I don’t know about G1…I’m sorry, I just don’t know.