Dutch Mantell on Precise FIGHTS: Koko B Ware vs Steve Keirn, Frankie Lane vs Mighty Zulu Ron Pope

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Dutch Mantell on Precise FIGHTS: Koko B Ware vs Steve Keirn, Frankie Lane vs Mighty Zulu Ron Pope
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Right here’s one other expedient wrestler and grappler! It's humorous that you mentioned frankie lane on myth of i the final podcast i did with don morocco he mentioned the fable about mighty zulu became as soon as it ronnie pope who ended it yeah yeah i bear in mind the fable i bear in mind the fable hit him in the head yeah nearly killed him i nearly killed him yeah i had entirely no thought about that fable i imply i don't dispute you .

Ever met ronnie pope did you at any level ronnie that's zulu agreeable yeah i mediate yeah yeah he's a he's agreeable a gargantuan muscle guy but he wasn't in actuality like he minimize he became as soon as agreeable roughly soft having a see .

And he became as soon as agreeable on steroids but he became as soon as a he became as soon as a goof i don't know what frankie had mentioned to him but i mediate he mentioned something it became as soon as i mediate racially charged or something but he slipped up in the abet of him with an iron pipe and he didn't peep him coming and he'd be in the abet of the head .

And he nearly killed him he nearly did and by the time i had met frankie you might want to to tell he became as soon as he smooth had he confirmed effects of that attack on myth of he would impart and he would he would dangle this a lot to blink his eyes so he became as soon as by no methodology agreeable after you attacked by zulu yeah i know i by no methodology i'd by no methodology heard that .

Legend till the final time i spoke to don and that became as soon as a quite sexy i'll tell you what this build of like leads into the following place apart a query to then is the most memorable backstage fight that you saw effectively i've considered about a i've been in about a myself essentially the most memorable but became as soon as uh became as soon as steve kern .

And coco where all americans says that one as effectively yeah on myth of what came about in memphis became as soon as uh the unbelievable ones they played song and all of a sudden and they like would play they could dance to the ring a .

Cramped bit and then coco came in and he became as soon as doing the same thing and they wanted to name it out on him love it became as soon as his thought it wasn't his thought it became as soon as jerry jarrod's thought and they came to nashville one night time and they weren't booked there .

They had been booked someplace else at a what we name a jam tell but they didn't trail there they came to nashville with the explicit intent of confronting coco and they came in there and i saw him reach in i mentioned what you guys right here you're now not booked effectively you know and they didn't i asked stan stan didn't teach anything else .

So i'm sitting in the dressing room and i heard i saw steve and coco over there in the nook the dressing room's now not too gargantuan it's about a 20 by 20 room presumably presumably 18 minutes you know now not that huge has showered and the full lot but the center of the following to the tell and they talking all of a sudden it agreeable broke .

Out they agreeable started fighting and i mentioned howdy guys pause pause on myth of trade became as soon as in actuality in actuality correct i didn't favor any person of them to gain injure on myth of they had been each like major players and at final any individual urged me step abet i mentioned howdy i'm accomplished with them i stepped abet on myth of it became as soon as none of my trade .

But i don't like to peep that on myth of you know one of them gets injure and you gain to change your plans it can it can dangle an affect on all of us but steve had the greater hand for a minute and then coco agreeable started accomplished unloading those haymakers on him and he by no methodology in actuality knocked steve down .

And didn't knock him out or anything else but at final steve mentioned screw it he stop and he left you commit it to memory's humorous on myth of ricky morton urged me that fable i mediate as effectively and yeah ricky morton became as soon as the one who urged me to gain abet oh in actuality yeah uh effectively i dispute it i dispute it .

Created a fable for each of you to half on my youtube podcast 30 years in a while the least but uh are there any are there any others that build of uh stick out on your solutions the fights inebriated your dogs now wasn't it became as soon as it it wouldn't junk butch reed .

And bear in mind the berserker yeah john data yeah they bought in the fight in mid-south i don't know what it became as soon as about but they had been like nitpicking and you know invoice watts became as soon as scared to assign them in the ring together so he agreeable known as them together .

You perceive what mentioned howdy in case you're going to fight fight down right here so we don't end our dangle trade in the ring and they started fighting and nobody gained and then from that level on they bought alongside .

I imply invoice watts took him in the abet mentioned howdy throw it down right here and let it trail are you each fired so they fired and acquired it out of their machine and then they they went about their trade yeah i've heard the worst thing is to in actuality destroy up a fight .

On myth of then there's smooth tension occurring you might want to to as effectively agreeable allow them to fight and then it's over effectively you might want to to gain injure attempting to support them peep what i imply yeah you .

These wrestling are reasonably engaging!

Dutch Mantell on Precise FIGHTS: Koko B Ware vs Steve Keirn, Frankie Lane vs Mighty Zulu Ron Pope

Dutch Mantell on Real FIGHTS: Koko B Ware vs Steve Keirn, Frankie Lane vs Mighty Zulu Ron Pope