Drew McIntyre Wants To Humble Roman Reigns At Survivor Series

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Drew McIntyre Wants To Humble Roman Reigns At Survivor Series

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Photo Credit: WWE

In a recent interview with FOX Sports, Drew McIntyre – who recently took down Randy Orton and will face Roman Reigns on Sunday at Survivor Series – spoke about his upcoming match with Reigns. After taking down Orton to reclaim the WWE Championship, McIntyre is ready to face off against the WWE Universal Champion in a big match.

When asked about how he feels going into the match, McIntyre said he was excited to see how things go, and praised Reigns for how much he’s accomplished. “I’m excited. Very excited. I know Roman has been “the guy” for a very long time. He’s proven himself over and over and over. He looks the part, he acts the part, he is the part,” he said. “He talks about the levels and how much goes into this. It’s not just what you see on-screen. There’s so much more off-screen and a lot of people can’t handle it. A lot of people complain. He’s handled it for a very long time. He went away after Mania, as I pointed out on SmackDown, it allowed me to step up and represent the company when they needed someone to step up to that level.”

McIntyre also went on to praise Roman for the way he’s built up the match, including his recent talking down Monday Night RAW. “He’s come back and now he’s telling everybody all the things that he did in the past. I respected him so much because he did all the work and didn’t complain, didn’t brag about it, and now he’s letting the world know, “I am the man. I’ve proven I’m the man.” And like I said last night, he’s putting himself on a pedestal right up here way above the rest of us. Nobody watches Raw, brother! Nobody cares about anybody else on Raw and SmackDown. They care about this guy!

That new attitude allows a character like myself – who believes in himself, but has been through some hardships, has not always been the top guy, has taken a lot of falls, has had to work hard and appreciates everything and sees it as an honor to be one of the Superstars, nevermind one of the top superstars, and the cool dynamic is I’m going in there to knock him off his pedestal. Humble him. I think it’s a pretty exciting story of a couple of chosen ones that had to take very different paths. Where I am mentally now because of my journey and where he is mentally now because he wants to brag about himself is very, very interesting.”

With their big match this weekend, it’ll be a clash of two of the biggest superstars in the WWE Universe, and a true battle between two guys who could be carrying the torch for the company for years to come.

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