The Undertaker Is ‘Very Proud’ Of Ladder Match Against Jeff Hardy

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The Undertaker Is ‘Very Proud’ Of Ladder Match Against Jeff Hardy

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Photo Credit: WWE Network

With The Undertaker set to bid farewell to the WWE Universe on Sunday, many stories about the legend are coming out. In a new interview with talkSport, the superstar spoke about his infamous ladder match with Jeff Hardy during q 2002 episode of Monday Night RAW.

Speaking on the match, Undertaker took pride in the fact that he was even able to take part in the match thanks to his size and athleticism. “A lot of people don’t understand – that aren’t in the business – someone can lose and get elevated at the same time. Just by their performance against someone like The Undertaker who had been there for so long and had done so many things,” he said. “I pride myself on the fact I was able to do that for quite a few people along the way.”

Undertaker went on to say that when he got to the arena that day, he had no clue the match was planned, but the match got the chance to showcase Hardy and his incredible skillset. “I do remember getting to the arena that day and I had no clue I was in a ladder match until I got there. I was like ‘hmmmm’ – I wasn’t real thrilled about it! I was like it’s really not my forte, it’s not what I do best. “But it did put a shine on Jeff and the things that he did,”

The WWE legend went on to say that the match helped him get out of his comfort zone, and strive for something else as he wanted the match to be a success. “Those are the kind of things that happen that just help you creatively because you do get comfortable sometimes doing the same things. It pushed me and it allowed me to push Jeff and him be able to shine in his kind of match.

“So I’m very proud that match. I think it might have been the only [ladder] match I was ever in. I can’t think of the top of my head of another one. So we got it right the first time, we didn’t have to do it again!”

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