Dax Harwood Clarifies His Ability to Mention CM Punk, Confirms No Ban

Dax Harwood Clarifies His Ability to Mention CM Punk, Confirms No Ban
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CM Punk may be gone from All Elite Wrestling, but talent, or at least Dax Harwood, can still mention the former World Champion.

Punk was released from AEW in September following a week-long investigation into his backstage fight with Jack Perry at AEW All In.


When Harwood named some of his favorite opponents on Twitter, a fan insinuated that the FTR star is banned from mentioning Punk, a belief Harwood quickly proved wrong.

Punk has not competed since his departure from All Elite Wrestling. Impact Wrestling’s Scott D’Amore and NWA President Billy Corgan have shown interest in him.

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CM Punk, the former World Champion in professional wrestling, may no longer be a part of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), but his name still holds significance among the talent. Dax Harwood, one-half of the tag team FTR, recently proved that he is not banned from mentioning Punk on Twitter, contrary to what some fans believed.

Punk’s departure from AEW came in September after a backstage fight with Jack Perry during AEW All In. Following a week-long investigation, the company decided to release Punk from his contract. Since then, Punk has not competed in any wrestling promotion.

When Harwood listed some of his favorite opponents on Twitter, a fan suggested that he was banned from mentioning Punk. However, Harwood quickly shut down this belief by acknowledging Punk’s impact on FTR’s career. He stated that the match against Punk was the turning point for FTR in 2022.

It is worth noting that despite his departure from AEW, Punk remains a highly sought-after talent in the wrestling industry. Both Scott D’Amore from Impact Wrestling and Billy Corgan, the President of the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), have expressed interest in working with Punk.

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In conclusion, CM Punk’s name continues to hold significance in the wrestling world even after his departure from AEW. Dax Harwood’s recent mention of Punk on Twitter debunked the belief that he was banned from mentioning him. As fans eagerly await Punk’s next move, Impact Wrestling and NWA have shown interest in working with the former World Champion.