Barry Horowitz Reveals His Distinct Wrestling Mt. Rushmore and Reflects on Collaborating with Sting

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Barry Horowitz’s Mount Rushmore of Wrestling may not feature the usual names often listed but does feature some incredibly talented wrestlers.

When asked for his ranking of the four greatest wrestlers. Horowitz avoided the usual names like Hulk Hogan, Bruno Sammartino, and The Undertaker. He said,


“Definitely Don Muraco, Jack Brisco, Mike Graham. I’m sure there are a few others. I would put Owen Hart up there also, definitely. Basically, any solid technical wrestler. What I mean by that is walk, talk, the promos, the look, the total package.”

In the interview, Horowitz recalled working with Sting, who is set to retire at AEW Revolution 2024 next year. He said,

“I met him years ago in WCW. I actually wrestled him on their show, I think it’s called Saturday Night, and I wrestled for the title that night. I’ve known him from the locker room. Always a quality guy, solid guy, and when we were talking you could feel respect. I like that.”

When asked if he would like to have been Sting’s final opponent, Horowitz said “without a doubt.”

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Barry Horowitz, a former professional wrestler, recently shared his Mount Rushmore of Wrestling, which includes some unexpected names. While many fans would expect to hear the usual names like Hulk Hogan, Bruno Sammartino, or The Undertaker, Horowitz opted for a different approach.

According to Horowitz, his Mount Rushmore of Wrestling consists of Don Muraco, Jack Brisco, Mike Graham, and Owen Hart. He also mentioned that there are a few others he would consider for this prestigious list. Horowitz explained that he values solid technical wrestlers who possess the complete package, including their in-ring skills, promos, look, and overall presence.

In a recent interview, Horowitz reminisced about his time working with Sting, who is set to retire at AEW Revolution 2024 next year. Horowitz mentioned that he had the opportunity to wrestle Sting on WCW’s show called Saturday Night, where he even competed for the title. He described Sting as a quality and solid guy who showed respect in their interactions. Horowitz expressed his admiration for Sting and stated that he would have loved to be his final opponent if given the chance.

The article also includes a video interview where Barry Horowitz discusses the possibility of facing Sting in his retirement match. The video provides further insight into Horowitz’s thoughts and feelings regarding this hypothetical scenario.

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In conclusion, Barry Horowitz’s Mount Rushmore of Wrestling may not align with conventional choices, but it showcases his appreciation for talented technical wrestlers. His admiration for Sting and desire to have been his final opponent demonstrates the respect and camaraderie within the wrestling community. As fans continue to follow the wrestling industry, serves as a valuable resource for staying up-to-date with all the latest news and developments.