Damian Priest Unmasks Sheamus, Wins U.S. Title At SummerSlam

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Damian Priest Unmasks Sheamus, Wins U.S. Title At SummerSlam

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Photo Credit: WWE

After months of sending shots back and forth at one another, Damian Priest and Sheamus finally met in the ring at SummerSlam with the WWE United States Championship on the line. Once there Priest did not disappoint, and was able to walk out as the new champion.

.@WWESheamus is looking to HUMILIATE @ArcherOfInfamy at #SummerSlam! #USTitle

🦚 https://t.co/5FC5w1zamA
🌎 https://t.co/aEwGYUp0uE pic.twitter.com/3BJrseIwUE

— WWE (@WWE) August 22, 2021

At the start of the match, Sheamus looked more than ready to defend his title and come away with a win, getting a huge reverse chinlock in on Priest before hitting him with the Irish Curse and striking a pose to taunt Priest. As the match went on, Sheamus continued to look great, but couldn’t seem to put away Priest, even after a huge segment saw Sheamus finally land the Brogue Kick only for Priest to kick out of the pin.

Late in the match, Sheamus was able to lock Priest into a heel hook, trapping him down on the mat and desperate for anything. It was then that Priest was able to reach other and tear Sheamus’ protective mask off of his face, shocking the Celtic Warrior and allowing Priest to start throwing some punches at the now maskless face of Sheamus.

His name will live forever as #USChampion #DamianPriest!#SummerSlam @ArcherOfInfamy pic.twitter.com/J7TqILwD1w

— WWE SummerSlam (@SummerSlam) August 22, 2021

The two eventually got up from the submission, and Priest was able to throw Sheamus into the turnbuckles before hitting an incredible spinning wheel kick onto Sheamus. Afterward, Priest set Sheamus up for the Reckoning and hit it, before pinning him and walking out with a win and a new championship.

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