D-Von Dudley Says Reports About His Health Are Greatly Exaggerated

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D-Von Dudley Says Reports About His Health Are Greatly Exaggerated

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Much ado has been made about nothing when it comes to D-Von Dudley reported “health issues.”

Last week D-Von simply stated just that on air, but this week the tag team legend returned to his Table Talk podcast to make certain matters weren’t blown out of proportion.

“I came on the show last week and I pretty much said I had some health issues but here’s the deal. Health issues can be anything. It can be from a common cold to what have you. Of course, certain people – what we like to call the dirt sheets ran crazy with it – ‘Oh D-Von is not feeling well or what have you.'”

D-Von continued: “I’m not dying. Don’t put both of my feet in the grave. I said I was dealing with health issues, that can be anything. I’m getting phone calls from people going, ‘Hey are you okay, what’s going on?’ I’m like, ‘Don’t listen to those idiots.’ This is exactly why I don’t like dirt sheets or people that write like that or things like that because they take what you say and blow it out of proportion. Listen, they have the right to freedom of speech, I can’t stop that. This is why we call it America. But at the same token, I talked about my mom doing well with COVID after happening. Did they report that? No. Why, because it’s not newsworthy. It’s not breaking news to them that will get people to go to their site and check it out. I say all the time my school is doing great. Probably more members now at the school than we’ve ever had. Did you print that? No. Everything is negative, negative, negative. If it’s negative, they want to print it because they want to be the first ones to say, ‘Hey we said this, we did this, we said that.’ All those sheet writers that did all of that crap because I said I was having health issues, not health issues where I was dying. I could have had a common cold, I could have had gallstones or what have you that would have prevented me from being on the show…I could have said anything but they are gonna sit there and print garbage like that to try to make it seem like it’s more than what it is. Well, to all of the people out there just to let you know, I’m fine. I don’t have any feet in the grave. For those sheet writers that want to write about stuff like that, how about you write about this – kiss my ass, how about that?””

(H/T to Angel Rodriguez of WrestlngNews.co for the transcription)

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