How Vince McMahon Would Take Pat Patterson’s Advice As ‘Gospel’ & His Ability To Perform In A Moment’s Notice

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Pat Patterson Praised For Ability To Perform At A Moment’s Notice, How Much Vince McMahon Valued His Input

pat patterson

Photo Credit: WWE

Everyone who ever came in contact with the late Pat Patterson is certain to have a great story or two about one of the most influential in-ring talents and minds of the wrestling business. Former WWE writer Robert Karpeles, who creatively scribed for Vince McMahon from 2005 to 2006 talked on his Total F’n Marks podcast with comedians Dan St. Germain and Scott Chaplain about how strong of an influence Patterson had by having Vince’s ear.

“It’s funny cause it was challenging working with Pat just because he wasn’t part of weekly booking calls, he wasn’t part of daily meetings, he would just be at TV and we’d have producer meetings,” Robert said. “Pat wouldn’t know where we were going with stories or anything like that, but anything that he’d suggest to Vince would be the gospel and Vince would forget everything that we were doing for weeks and weeks at a time. Be like, ‘We’ll do what Pat said.'”

Karpeles eventually became the attorney for the NHL’s Florida Panthers team, but still kept his ties to wrestling as he became a creative force in MLW and collaborated with Conrad Thompson and Bruce Prichard. The latter relationship presented another amazing memory to have of the first-ever WWE Intercontinental Champion.:

“He was great and the last time I saw him we had him at a Panther game, we did a Something to Wrestle with Bruce and Conrad and he was the special guest so I got to hang out with him all day and I kept trying to explain to him, ‘You can’t smoke a cigarette in the building,’ but he didn’t give a shit. He’s like, ‘Ah man, we’re in a suite.’ And then he was backstage, we were getting ready for me to have him to come out and he fell asleep in the chair and I was like, ‘Oh this is going to be fucking terrible.’ So I had to go wake him up, he immediately walks out there. Right on cue. Didn’t skip a beat. He sang at the end, he was full of energy, it was fuckin’ great and I’m glad that’s the last memory I have of him.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

Listen to the full episode of Total F’n Marks below as they talk the potential AEW invasion of IMPACT, Sting’s return to TNT, preview NXT TakeOver: War Games and how would Jake Paul fare in the pro wrestling game.

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