“D-Von Dudley Reflects on His Reverend Gimmick Experience, Ilja Dragunov Shares Insights on Collaborating with Triple H”

“D-Von Dudley Reflects on His Reverend Gimmick Experience, Ilja Dragunov Shares Insights on Collaborating with Triple H”
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On a recent edition of the “Good Karma Wrestling” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer D-Von Dudley of The Dudley Boyz and Team 3D reflected on his solo WWE run with his Reverend D-Von gimmick.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On his Reverend D-Von gimmick in WWE: “The singles run that I had in WWE — I thought it was great, with the Reverend D-Von gimmick. I thought it went fantastic, but there were powers [that] be within the company that basically stopped it.”

On working with Triple H: “I always said, if the Reverend D-Von gimmick did not work, then Triple H would’ve never laid down for me on SmackDown. Not only did he lay down, but the man gave me 50-50 of the match. If he didn’t believe in that gimmick, he would’ve never done that. Not to mention, I’m hitting promos with Vince, [the] first time out. The people were reacting, the whole nine [yards], so it was definitely somebody in Vince’s ear that stopped it.”

On a recent edition of the “Busted Open Radio” podcast, Ilja Dragunov revealed what he’s learned from working with Triple H and having the trust of the “right people” in WWE NXT. He said,

I wouldn’t say there is anything specific because I have always felt that I’ve had a lot of trust from the right people and I really appreciate that and have so much gratitude for that. Once I really think of something, and something I’ve had the opportunity to do, is to focus on the main thing of storytelling. My whole objective, everything I think about is, not like the performance art of this business, but focusing moments so much on one emotion, one meaning, and going from there, step by step, this is something I truly develop in every match. Without that, no match will ever captivate the audience.

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D-Von Dudley Reflects on His Reverend D-Von Gimmick in WWE

D-Von Dudley, one-half of the legendary tag team The Dudley Boyz and Team 3D, recently appeared on the “Good Karma Wrestling” podcast to discuss his solo run in WWE with his Reverend D-Von gimmick. Dudley reflected on his experience and shared some interesting insights into the character’s potential and its untimely end.

During the podcast, Dudley expressed his belief that his Reverend D-Von gimmick had great potential. He thought it went fantastic, but unfortunately, there were influential figures within the company who halted its progress. Dudley’s comments shed light on the backstage politics and decision-making processes that can impact a wrestler’s career trajectory.

One of the highlights of Dudley’s solo run was his match against Triple H on SmackDown. Dudley revealed that if Triple H didn’t believe in the Reverend D-Von gimmick, he would never have agreed to lay down for him in the match. Not only did Triple H put him over, but he also gave Dudley an equal share of the match’s spotlight. This gesture from Triple H demonstrated his faith in the character and its potential to connect with the audience.

Dudley also mentioned that he had the opportunity to cut promos with Vince McMahon himself during this time. The crowd’s reaction to his character was positive, indicating that the Reverend D-Von gimmick was resonating with fans. However, despite these promising signs, Dudley believes that someone in Vince McMahon’s ear ultimately prevented the gimmick from reaching its full potential.

In another podcast appearance on “Busted Open Radio,” Ilja Dragunov, a rising star in WWE NXT, discussed what he has learned from working with Triple H and having the trust of the “right people” in the company. Dragunov emphasized the importance of storytelling and focusing on one emotion or meaning in each match. This approach, according to Dragunov, is crucial for captivating the audience and creating memorable moments.

The experiences shared by Dudley and Dragunov highlight the significance of backstage support and the influence of key decision-makers in a wrestler’s career. While talent and hard work are essential, having the trust and backing of influential figures within the company can make a significant difference in a wrestler’s success.

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In conclusion, D-Von Dudley’s reflections on his Reverend D-Von gimmick shed light on the behind-the-scenes dynamics that can shape a wrestler’s career in WWE. Despite the potential and positive reception from fans, the gimmick was ultimately cut short due to undisclosed reasons. This serves as a reminder that success in professional wrestling is not solely determined by an individual’s talent but also by the decisions made by those in power within the company.