Collector’s Corner: Figures Toy Company – Ring of Honor – War Machine (Viking Raiders) Action Figures In-Depth Review (Photos)

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Collector’s Corner: Figures Toy Company – Ring of Honor – War Machine (Viking Raiders) Action Figures In-Depth Review (Photos)

This week we take a look at the Figures Toy Company Ring of Honor War Machine, aka Viking Raiders, action figures! These are the only figures that currently exist of Erik and Ivar and they’re pretty cool! You can currently get these over on!

The Packaging

The Figures Toy Company figures all come in a hard plastic packaging with a colorful card behind each figure. This series is their Ring of Honor line that features wrestlers from the past and present of Ring of Honor.

Erik and Ivar happened to be in production already long before they made the jump to WWE, which is great considering we haven’t seen their figures just yet from Mattel but probably will soon!

The figures are posed in a standard pose in their little window on the box, followed by a piece of plastic over it to avoid any damage during transit, as well as feature an accessory in the box.

The back of the box showcases each wrestler followed by several of the Ring of Honor action figures you can currently purchase from FTC.

Hanson (Ivar)

Hanson is a huge, bulky figure, which is awesome. He has a super detailed head scan that looks just like him at the time with his super long beard. His head is propped a little higher due to the length and stiffness of his beard, allowing you to pose his head a lot easier.

He features his entrance attire, one being his shoulder pad and the other around his waist. Both accessories are made of fabric and they’re very detailed. Be very careful removing these though as the elastic can be a bit brittle from what I noticed. You can easily pop off Ivar’s arm at the bicep, allowing you to easily remove the shoulder pad accessory if desired.

Hanson’s hands are unpainted glove hand molds, which is a bit odd they went with that part choice. If you look closely at the hands you can see that. He also has detail on his boots, which is nice, followed by his knee pads that don’t restrict his movement at all.

Hanson also comes with a black break-away table accessory, which is hidden behind him in the packaging.

Raymond Rowe (Erik)

Rowe is also a really nice figure and they gave him the perfect chubby mold.His beard isn’t as restrictive as Hanson’s, which is great.

He, too, features his shoulder pad, made of fabric, followed by fabric waist accessory, too. The waist accessory un-velcros so you can easily remove it to have him in his in-ring attire. He also has fabric wristbands, which are really cool and something you don’t see often on wrestling figures.

Rowe has a lot of detailed tattoos, which are cool, but also extremely brittle. The tattoos on his abdomen are printed on, but his arm tattoos are decals, meaning like stickers, so they are not printed onto the plastic. Because of this they are extremely brittle so when you go to pose their arms it chips off a bit. Be very careful if you choose to play with them or even display them as this is an issue I noticed.

Rowe, too, has knee pads that don’t restrict his movement too badly as well as detailed boots. Not to mention he comes with a 2×4 accessory, which I missed originally in my video review below.


Overall, for what these figures are they are nice. If you enjoy the old Jakks style then these figures will fit in perfectly with your other ones. The fabric accessories are a nice touch and the detail is very nice, too. One drawback to them, too, is that their cloth goods stain their arms, at least on mine, which was a known issue with Jakks figures back when. Just be careful with the tattoos on Rowe as they’re very brittle and the elastic on their accessories can be a bit brittle, too, but other than that I do recommend them. It may be a bit until we see them from Mattel anyway.

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