Cody Rhodes to Fund Wrestling Arena for Uganda’s SGW

Cody Rhodes to Fund Wrestling Arena for Uganda’s SGW
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Cody Rhodes, the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion featured in a video made by Soft Ground Wrestling Uganda, where he unveiled his plans to acquire a legitimate wrestling ring for the promotion.

Before the video statement came out earlier today, Fightful Select reported that Cody Rhodes had been ascertaining the feasibility of sending a wrestling ring to Uganda for Soft Ground Wrestling.

Challenges in shipping the ring to that region led to the conclusion to manufacture the ring locally.

In related news, the money contributed by Will Ospreay was channeled towards leasing the land for the promotional wrestling events.

In his video remarks, Rhodes said, “You guys need a proper wrestling ring. You need one for your stories, and to be able to do what you do. You got to be welcomed in the wrestling business in the right way. You need a proper ring. We have found someone in Uganda who can make it for you. It’s not coming over in a boat. It’s not gonna get broken.”

In a tweet by Soft Ground Wrestling Uganda, it was stated “@CodyRhodes promises to invest and buy a fully funded wrestling ring for @SGWug and help Ugandan wrestling grow. @TheRock This is a game changer for orphan wrestlers. To support SGW ,”. This magnanimous gesture by Cody Rhodes is expected to revolutionize wrestling among Ugandan orphans.