Bret Hart Vents Outrage at WCW – ‘Appreciate Zero – Take a Hike!’

Bret Hart Vents Outrage at WCW – ‘Appreciate Zero – Take a Hike!’
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In a sneak peek from the VICE TV documentary series “Who Killed WCW?,” award-winning wrestler and WWE Hall of Fame member, Bret Hart, shared a raw account of his tenure in WCW.

A tie-in of numerous interviews from various wrestlers, the four-episode series also includes insights from ‘The Hitman’ himself.

Hart shared his frank retrospection saying, “I was a very good witness to the madness that was WCW … What a bunch of imbeciles, idiots, as stupid as it gets. Senseless, clueless fools. Countless bumbling incompetents. Is there any presence of intellect here? Stupid, stupid, every day, every night. So senseless. Highly infuriating. The biggest cutthroat group of conniving, backstabbing fools you’d ever encountered in your life. Thanks for nothing. Go fk yourselves!”

The docuseries’ second chapter titled “Who Killed WCW?” is set to air tonight on VICE TV at 10:00 PM EST. The anticipated episode will explore the notorious Fingerpoke of Doom episode on WCW Nitro.

The documentary series took to Twitter earlier, with a caption “Bret Hart reminisces on some of his most cherished moments during his WCW era…. The second part of “Who Killed WCW?” premieres this evening at 10pm on @VICETV.”