Cody Rhodes Shares Heartfelt Message Prior To AEW’s TV Debut

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Cody Rhodes Shares Heartfelt Message Prior To AEW’s TV Debut

With just a week to go until All Elite Wrestling debuts on television, Cody Rhodes shared a heartfelt message on social media detailing his journey. Rhodes details his long road to where All Elite Wrestling is at, and how everything came to this point.

In the note, Rhodes explains how the fire for wrestling was ignited by the likes of PWG, Colt Cabana, and many others. Rhodes goes on tot hank the likes of Tony Khan for believing in him and wanting to invest in a wrestling business, before thanking the fans themselves for contributing to the changes in wrestling.

All these cumulative factors would still not have gotten us to today without the largest and loudest factor of all: pro wrestling fans. This includes the growing number, and often shadow market, of fans who for some reason or another felt disillusioned by the current product and went searching for the alternative that truly spoke to them.

My gratitude is extended in anticipation for AEW: Dynamite, but even if Wednesday October 2, was the first and only AEW show, what has happened now in wrestling cannot be undone. Wrestlers now have a chance for better pay and a healthier schedule, and the doors have been opened wider to a wrestling show more congruent with the diversity of our current society. This isn’t because of AEW. It’s because of you, the fans – from diehard to brand new. And, the changes in wrestling aren’t exclusive too AEW. This progress can now permeate all promotions.


— Cody Rhodes (@CodyRhodes) September 24, 2019