Christian Looks At His ECW Run As A Positive Experience

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Christian Looks At His ECW Run As A Positive Experience

Christian says he enjoyed his time on WWE’s ECW show and looks at it as a positive experience.

WrestleZone recently spoke with Jay Reso, aka Christian, who is a featured actor and a producer of the new film Cagefighter. During the discussion, Christian touched on his time in ECW and mentioned how a fan had recently praised his work with William Regal on the brand.

“He and I had some under the radar matches on ECW that were ‘on the fly’ and some real fight-type of matches. I think the difference in our styles really meshed well together,” Christian said. “We seemed to have good chemistry with each other.”

While the WWE version of ECW is an often polarizing topic, there are many good things that did happen on the show. Fans got to enjoy the early WWE work of CM Punk and Zack Ryder, and saw some worthy champions including Matt Hardy, Mark Henry and Christian himself. Fresh off of his impressive run in TNA Wrestling, Christian was assigned to the ECW brand once he returned to WWE in February 2009. “Captain Charisma” was part of some great feuds with the likes of Jack Swagger and Tommy Dreamer, and he was also the longest-reigning WWE-era ECW Champion.

Christian says at that point in his career he was looking to jump back into things with WWE and explained why he saw the roster move as a positive experience.

“I really enjoyed my time on ECW actually. At that point, I was just chomping at the bit to get back and get going and I looked at it as a positive. I looked at all of the young talent that was on the show and time is always the enemy, right? When you wrestle on television, you’re always fighting for time and the enemy is you’re never getting enough of it, you’re looking, trying to get more.

“With ECW, I had a lot of time for matches. I could go out there and do a 20-25 minute match, where normally I’d get to do a 7-8 minute match. That’s just the way I was wired, so I always got that [time] on ECW, so I really had a great time when I was there.”

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