Daniel Bryan Feels He Wouldn’t Be Wrestling Today If Not For WWE

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Daniel Bryan Feels He Wouldn’t Be Wrestling Today If Not For WWE

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Today, Daniel Bryan is a certified WWE Legend. While he hasn’t had the longest career with the company when compared with some of his contemporaries, he’s used his stint to deliver memorable moments that will undoubtedly go down in wrestling history. Back in 2009, it was a very real possibility that all of that would never come to pass.

According to recent talk during his appearance on WWE Backstage earlier this week, the American Dragon said that he was happy in those days to stay independent because he enjoyed making his own schedule. He was also honest with himself about his promo skills at the time.

At that point, I was not good at promos. I was actively bad. I could do a sports promo, but as far as being entertaining, I could do it a little, but that’s not what they would do with smaller guys. My interest has always been in my love for wrestling and not wanting to be famous. I only needed enough money to survive.

As anyone who has worked on passion alone will tell you, that mindset will only get you so far. Bryan eventually came to a point where WWE was the only option that kept him in the business.

It was when I started getting a decent amount of injuries when I looked at my life and I was like, ‘Either I’m gonna have to sign with WWE to where I can save up enough money to be taken care of or I’m gonna need to start looking at another path.’

Bryan continued that if he didn’t sign with WWE, he would have gone back to school and prepared for a more normal life. Thankfully for fans everywhere, we instead got one of the best WWE runs in recent memory, and it’s not done yet.

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