Chris Jericho On Having A Camaraderie With Tanahashi, Calls The Stadium Stampede A Career Favorite

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Chris Jericho On Having A Camaraderie With Tanahashi, Calls The Stadium Stampede A Career Favorite

The Watch List takes a look at what matches you should be watching while you’re at home and they come recommended by your favorite professional wrestling stars.

WrestleZone recently spoke with Chris Jericho about being in quarantine (and Kuarantine) and some of the matches he’s been keeping up on lately. Jericho called back to The Undertaker versus Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 25, noting that he’d just watched it recently and that it’s “still probably my favorite match through and through.”

Additionally, Jericho recommended Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat versus “Macho Man” Randy Savage at WrestleMania III, a bout he called “such a well-crafted match” and one that would appeal to new and old fans alike.

Dipping back into his more recent matches, Jericho picked his match with Hiroshi Tanahashi at Wrestle Kingdom 14 and the Stadium Stampede match at last month’s AEW Double Or Nothing pay-per-view. Jericho praised the relationship he had with Tanahashi despite never working together before that, and also said the Stadium Stampede was not only a great match, but a career highlight.

“If you haven’t seen Jericho versus [Hiroshi] Tanahashi from Tokyo Dome—this year, it seems like it was years ago—but that was one of my favorite matches because you have two guys with the same mindset. Everyone thinks you just go to Japan and beat the shit out of each other, and that’s not the case. Tanahashi is really smart and I enjoyed putting that match together, the camaraderie we had. Never worked, never touched each other in the ring ever, and that’s when you know you have a real pro in there.

“And then the Stadium Stampede—if you haven’t seen it, some people are calling it the best match they’ve ever seen. I think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done for many reasons. Wrestling has all different shapes and sizes and we used all of them in that Stadium Stampede match.”

The Michaels vs. Undertaker and Savage vs. Steamboat matches can be both be seen in full on WWE Network. His Wrestle Kingdom match is available on NJPW World, and Double Or Nothing can be purchased on B/R Live.

We also added some free-to-watch recommendations to the list and selected a good mix of bouts from Jericho’s career, including from his “Lionheart” days in WCW and classic battles with Shawn Michaels and CM Punk.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Chris Jericho ( WCW Cruiserweight Championship)
WCW Fall Brawl — September 14, 1997

Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels (Intercontinental Championship)
WWE RAW — September 20, 2004

Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels (Last Man Standing Match)
WWE RAW — November 10, 2008

Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk
WWE RAW — February 4, 2013

Stay tuned for our full interview with Jericho where we talk about his new KISS cover band, Kuarantine, why ’80s KISS appeals to him, his run-in with Mike Tyson and where it could lead, and much more!