Chelsea Green Tried To Pitch ‘A Darker, Creepier ‘Hot Mess’ That You Could Relate To’, Says She Looking At What’s Next

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Chelsea Green Tried To Pitch ‘A Darker, Creepier ‘Hot Mess’ That You Could Relate To’, Says She Looking At What’s Next

chelsea green

Photo Credit: WWE

Chelsea Green is asking what’s next and moving forward in her career.

Green recently spoke with Chris Van Vliet for his Insight podcast and talked about the reaction to her WWE release and how she’s moving on. At first, Green says she was confused, but that quickly turned into moving on, something she says she’s always been able to do by focusing on what’s next for her.

“At first I was kind of emotionless and I guess confused. My way of handling that has always been to go into overdrive with what’s next? That’s always the way my brain has worked with everything. So even when I became the IMPACT Champion, literally that night, what’s next? What am I going to do next? I’ve always been that way, but it’s kind of not been a good thing for me also. I do feel like it’s been good for me this time around. It’s been good, I’ve just focused on what is next, how am I going to get my name out there? What do I need to do to kickstart my career back into the wrestling world and everything. I feel really good now. It’s crazy, it’s only been a couple of days but it feels normal now.”

Green also talked about how her fiancé Matt Cardona helped her through the process, and how he’s been a positive influence and has helped her in setting up the next steps.

“He has been so, so great. First of all, he warned me that this was coming. Not necessarily to me, that I was going to get fired. But he did call me and give me a 10-minute gap between the time he told me people are letting go and me getting let go. He gave me that warning then I texted him and said ‘OK, I’ve been released.’ I’m not joking he was home within 30 minutes. My Pro-Wrestling Tees store was up, he’s all go go go! Even harder than I was. I think that’s kind of the same way I felt when he was released. I was like what do we need to do? It’s nice to have someone on the other side of things keeping my head clear. But he’s so positive it’s been really nice. I’m able to bounce my ideas off of him.”

Green talked to Van Vliet about missed opportunities in WWE, explaining that she really just wants to show people that she’s more than what they saw in IMPACT, and more than just what they’ve seen from her social media posts. Noting that she’s hoping to show more character work in her wrestling career, Green said that she always came back to the ‘Hot Mess’ character and wanted to do a darker take on it.

“I can’t tell you how many ideas I came up with. If I think about it, they all led back to The Hot Mess. But with that being said, it wasn’t The Hot Mess like you saw at IMPACT. I tried to pitch a darker, creepier Hot Mess that you could relate to. Not just like the girl at the bar, more so any psychotic person you’ve had in your life. It could be anyone. I was always working on ideas that led me turning into The Hot Mess. It’s what I love, I just want to do character work. I don’t need to wrestle. I’m totally cool with not wrestling, I want to tell a story.”

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