Snoop Dogg Says WWE Wasn’t Happy With His AEW Dynamite Appearance, He’s Working On New WWE Video Game

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Snoop Dogg Says WWE Wasn’t Happy With His AEW Dynamite Appearance, He’s Working On New WWE Video Game

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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Snoop Dogg‘s AEW Dynamite appearance wasn’t met with a warm response by WWE, but it appears to be water under the bridge now.

Snoop was a guest on Ebro In The Morning With Laura Stylez and Pete Rosenberg, and not only spoke about how his recent appearance on AEW Dynamite happened, but the response it got from WWE. The topic came up when Rosenberg said he “felt a way” when Snoop appeared on AEW Dynamite, an appearance that came because of his role as a panelist on Go-Big Show on TBS. Snoop said that WWE “felt some kind of way too” but went on to explain that he transcends wrestling and isn’t limiting himself to one promotion.

“Let me tell you this though—Snoop Dogg ain’t no wrestler, he bigger than that and you’ve got to understand that. This is the dynamics of what happened—I had a show on TBS called Go-Big Show’ during COVID, we put it together and people could see me entertain on some circus kind of shit, a bunch of freak shit going on. So Cody Rhodes, one of the judges on the show, he’s actually one of the top dogs at [All Elite Wrestling], so as a promotional vehicle,” Snoop explained, “they had me go to the show just so I could co-promote the show and what-not.”

Snoop then explained that he got word from the WWE side of things that they weren’t thrilled with him being on Dynamite and said they put plans to collaborate with each other on hold. Despite the “pause”, he says it only lasted about two weeks before they approached him to work on their new video game.

Then I get word from [WWE] saying, ‘hey are you f-ckin’ with [AEW]? We’re going to have to push pause on your ass for a minute.’ So I said cool, and they pushed pause for about two weeks, then they said ‘we got this video game and we need you’. So I told them ‘since you pushed pause, it’ll be double.’” Snoop stated. “They did that. I’ll be on the new wrestling game, Rosenberg.”

It would appear that Snoop is referring to WWE 2K22, the latest offering in the WWE 2K series on consoles. The game was withheld last year after the negative feedback about 2K20, but returns this year with the tagline of ‘It Hits Different’.

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