Carmelo Hayes Expresses Confidence in WWE Main Roster Call-Up

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Carmelo Hayes was once concerned about his future in WWE on the main roster, but that isn’t the case anymore.

Hayes has been with WWE since 2021, and in addition to being a former NXT Champion, is a two-time North American Champion and was the final NXT Cruiserweight Champion.


Appearing on the “Insight” podcast, Hayes admitted that he was once ‘antsy’ about being called up, but is now excited for the opportunity. He said,

“Let’s live in the moment because I’ve been able to do that. And if I can do that, you all can do that. I’m super excited for what’s to come. A year ago, I was like, you know, a little bit antsy about it. And then I realized I said, ‘You know what, let me just embrace the spirit in my life.’” 

On the main roster, Hayes has competed twice on WWE Main Event and made his in-ring RAW debut in June of this year with a loss to Finn Balor.

Hayes unsuccessfully challenged for the NXT Championship at Halloween Havoc: Night Two, where he was also confronted by ally Trick Williams.

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Carmelo Hayes: Embracing the Future in WWE

Carmelo Hayes, a rising star in WWE, has had his fair share of concerns about his future on the main roster. However, his perspective has shifted, and he is now eagerly anticipating the opportunities that lie ahead.

Hayes joined WWE in 2021 and quickly made a name for himself. As a former NXT Champion, he has proven his skills in the ring. Additionally, he holds the distinction of being a two-time North American Champion and was the final NXT Cruiserweight Champion before the title was retired.

In a recent appearance on the “Insight” podcast, Hayes opened up about his initial anxieties regarding a call-up to the main roster. However, he expressed his excitement for what the future holds. He encouraged others to live in the moment and embrace the spirit of their own lives. Hayes’ positive outlook serves as an inspiration to fans and aspiring wrestlers alike.

Since making his debut on the main roster, Hayes has competed twice on WWE Main Event and had his first in-ring appearance on RAW in June of this year, where he faced Finn Balor but suffered a loss. Despite setbacks, Hayes remains determined and focused on making a name for himself on the grand stage.

One notable moment in Hayes’ journey was his unsuccessful challenge for the NXT Championship at Halloween Havoc: Night Two. During the event, he was confronted by his ally Trick Williams, adding an intriguing twist to their storyline.

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Carmelo Hayes’ story is a testament to perseverance and embracing opportunities. As he continues to grow and evolve in WWE, fans can expect to witness his journey unfold and see him leave an indelible mark on the industry.