Cody Rhodes shares his thoughts on Sting’s retirement ahead of his departure from AEW

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In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Cody Rhodes discussed Sting’s impending retirement and teaming up with Jey Uso in WWE.

Rhodes was supposed to face Sting before he left AEW for WWE.


As you all know by now, Sting is set to retire next year at AEW Revolution 2024.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On his successful run since returning to WWE: “When you grow up wanting to play quarterback, you work for it and envision it, but experiencing it is almost out of body. I’m very lucky. I’m a slow learner, but it feels like I have found clothes that fit: the American Nightmare’s clothes.”

On Sting’s retirement: “The last match I was offered in AEW was that match [against Sting]. It wasn’t confirmed or anything like that, but just the little I had to do with his debut there is a wonderful memory. I was a little Stinger. Maybe I’ll pull out a Stinger Splash in his honor. Seriously, cheers to a wonderful career.”

On teaming with Jey Uso: “Jey has been a superb teammate. I need to ask him what inning we are in.”

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Cody Rhodes Discusses Sting’s Impending Retirement and Teaming Up with Jey Uso in WWE
In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Cody Rhodes opened up about Sting’s upcoming retirement and his experience teaming up with Jey Uso in WWE. Rhodes, who was supposed to face Sting before the latter left All Elite Wrestling (AEW) for WWE, shared his thoughts on these topics.
Sting, a legendary professional wrestler, is set to retire next year at AEW Revolution 2024. Rhodes expressed his admiration for Sting and reflected on the opportunity he had to be involved in his debut in AEW. Although the match between Rhodes and Sting was not confirmed, Rhodes mentioned that it was the last match he was offered in AEW. He fondly remembered his role as a “little Stinger” and even hinted at possibly paying tribute to Sting with a Stinger Splash move in his honor. Rhodes concluded by raising a toast to Sting’s wonderful career.
Switching gears, Rhodes also discussed his partnership with Jey Uso in WWE. He praised Uso as a superb teammate and humorously mentioned that he needs to ask him what inning they are in, referencing a baseball analogy. This comment showcases the camaraderie and chemistry between the two wrestlers.
Rhodes’s return to WWE has been met with success, and he expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to live out his childhood dream of being a professional wrestler. He described the experience as almost out of body, emphasizing how fortunate he feels to have found his place in the wrestling world.
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As Sting’s retirement draws near and Rhodes continues to make waves in WWE, fans eagerly anticipate what the future holds for these talented wrestlers.