“Bryan Danielson Asserts – ‘The World Will Never See Another Jon Moxley.'”

“Bryan Danielson Asserts – ‘The World Will Never See Another Jon Moxley.'”
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Bryan Danielson, a fellow wrestler at Blackpool Combat Club, has voiced strong support for his comrade, Jon Moxley, claiming there’s no one else in All Elite Wrestling who can match his unique prowess.

Similar to Danielson, Moxley has previously held the title of WWE World Champion before moving on to secure the AEW World Championship three times over.

Recently, Danielson conveyed his admiration for Moxley in a conversation with Sports Illustrated, saying, ”For me, he is among the very best in the world. I’m genuinely proud of what Mox has accomplished. However, what I feel is less pride and more a sense of respect. Moxley has carved his own path and his mindset sets him apart from everyone else. There will never be another performer like Jon Moxley. There’s nobody who compares to him. I greatly respect his achievements. I respect the risks he’s willing to take, and moreover the performances he continuously delivers every time he steps into the ring.”

Adding another feather to his wrestling cap, Moxley now holds the IWGP World Heavyweight Champion title in his first reign, making him the foremost AEW-contracted talent to claim the title.