Bronson Reed Reflects on His Match Against Ivar on RAW: A Thrilling Locker Room Success

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Bronson Reed has been facing off against some super heavyweights in the ring in recent months.

Speaking on a recent edition of the “Busted Open Radio” podcast, Reed opined that he believes there’s interest in a “super heavyweight” division in WWE.


Additionally, Reed claims his recent match on RAW with Ivar was a “locker room sellout.”

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the big man battles on RAW: “I feel like this is something that the fans right now really want to see. It’s sort of been coined ‘Monday Night Meat’. So there’s a few of us on the Monday Night Raw roster. There’s myself, there’s Ivar, there’s Gunther, who you could throw in there as super heavyweight. There’s Otis. There’s a lot of meat to be slapped on Mondays, and I’m trying to reign that division. Big men slapping meat. I’ve let my fans know that they’re now meatheads. That’s what I call my fans, all Meatheads. But yeah, last night was a good test for myself. As I said, I want to be the king of that division. Ivar is up there with me. Even just walking around, doing things one that is not an easy experience for guys this big. So to get in there and have someone that’s matched my size and trying to do the things that I try to do to smaller guys is really a test of my will.”

On the notion of a super heavyweight division on RAW: “I definitely think there’s enough interest there. I said, even back when 205 Live started, there should be a 305 Live. We have enough super heavyweights that are exciting to do some sort of division like that. But in the same aspect, I don’t want to be pigeon-holed into being just a super heavyweight guy. I think, in my personal opinion, it’s time for people that are world heavyweight champions to be heavyweight champions and eat some sandwiches. That’s where I’m taking it.”

On the backstage reaction to his match with Ivar: “Funnily enough, it was a locker room sellout, that match. I think there’s enough moments in that match where the guys backstage are actually ‘ooh-ing’ and ‘ah-ing’ for things. So whenever I’m in a match that’s a locker room sellout, I’m like okay, that’s a thumbs up for me because the boys like it. But the office liked it as well. I think it’s something we’re gonna get to see more of, especially on Monday nights. Fridays, I’m not too sure about. I think SmackDown now is getting a bit more cruiserweight-heavy, so there might be a bit of a competition of the cruiserweights on Fridays and the super heavy’s on Mondays and see who can outdo each other.”

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Bronson Reed, the WWE superstar known for his impressive size and strength, recently shared his thoughts on the possibility of a “super heavyweight” division in WWE. In an interview on the “Busted Open Radio” podcast, Reed expressed his belief that there is significant interest among fans for such a division.

Reed, who has been involved in several big man battles on RAW, referred to the phenomenon as “Monday Night Meat.” He mentioned other super heavyweights on the roster, including Ivar, Gunther, and Otis, and emphasized the physicality and excitement that comes with matches between these larger competitors. Reed sees himself as a contender for the title of king of this division and is determined to prove himself against opponents who match his size and strength.

While Reed supports the idea of a super heavyweight division, he also wants to avoid being pigeonholed solely as a super heavyweight wrestler. He believes that it’s time for world heavyweight champions to truly embody their title by being heavyweight champions and “eating some sandwiches,” indicating that size and strength should be valued in the top championship picture.

Reed’s recent match with Ivar on RAW received positive reactions from both the backstage talent and WWE management. He revealed that the match was a “locker room sellout,” meaning that it garnered significant attention and praise from his fellow wrestlers. This positive reception from both the locker room and the office indicates that there may be more opportunities for big man battles on Monday nights.

Reed also speculated about the potential competition between cruiserweights on SmackDown and super heavyweights on RAW. With SmackDown becoming more focused on cruiserweight talent, Reed believes there could be a friendly rivalry between the two divisions to see who can outdo each other in terms of excitement and athleticism.

Overall, Bronson Reed’s comments shed light on the growing interest in a super heavyweight division in WWE. With his own success in big man battles and the positive reception to his matches, it seems that there is a demand for more matches featuring larger competitors. Whether or not WWE decides to create a dedicated division for super heavyweights, Reed’s performances and the enthusiasm surrounding them demonstrate that there is a place for these powerful athletes in the world of professional wrestling.