Julia Hart Reveals Her Dream Opponents: AJ Lee and Natalya

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Julia Hart has two dream opponents in the form of AJ Lee and Natalya.

Speaking on a recent edition of “The Five Count” podcast, the reigning AEW TBS Champion revealed that AJ Lee has always been her favorite wrestler and she would love to face off against her. She said,


“I would say, maybe AJ Lee, she’s always been my favorite wrestler. Then, Natalya, too. Two Hart girls would be a really fun match.”

In other news, Tom Lawlor wasn’t able to compete in the 2023 NJPW G1 Climax, and he recently spoke with Phil Strum on the “Under The Ring” podcast to discuss his absence. He said,

“The biggest downside is that I didn’t make it back this year, to be honest. I have nothing bad I can say about the G1 except for the fact that it beats you up. I don’t think anyone can watch that and not realize that. I had the absolute time of my life for 40 days being on a bus surrounded by nothing but wrestling in a foreign land. I would go back and relive those 40 days in my life every day if I could.”

He continued, “My biggest regret and biggest downside from the G1 is that I loved it so much that I didn’t make it back this year. It upset me, ruined me mentally for a while as far as wrestling stuff goes. Hopefully, I get another shot there, maybe I don’t. Maybe I’ll have to try and win another tournament in a different company across the world. It’s the best.”

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Julia Hart, the current AEW TBS Champion, recently revealed her dream opponents in the wrestling world. In an interview on “The Five Count” podcast, she expressed her admiration for AJ Lee and Natalya and expressed her desire to face off against them in the ring.

AJ Lee has always been Julia Hart’s favorite wrestler, and she would love the opportunity to compete against her. The prospect of two Hart girls, Julia and Natalya, going head-to-head in a match also excites her. It would be a thrilling encounter for both wrestlers and fans alike.

In other news, Tom Lawlor, a prominent wrestler, was unable to participate in the 2023 NJPW G1 Climax. He recently discussed his absence on the “Under The Ring” podcast with Phil Strum. Lawlor expressed his disappointment at not being able to return to the tournament this year but spoke highly of his experience in the G1 Climax.

Lawlor described the 40-day journey as the time of his life, being surrounded by wrestling in a foreign land. He expressed his desire to relive those days every day if possible. However, he also acknowledged that the physical toll of the G1 can be challenging and mentally draining.

Lawlor’s biggest regret and downside from the G1 was not being able to participate again this year. It affected him mentally for a while, but he remains hopeful for another opportunity in the future. He may have to explore other tournaments in different companies around the world to satisfy his wrestling ambitions.

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In conclusion, Julia Hart’s dream opponents of AJ Lee and Natalya showcase her admiration for these talented wrestlers. Tom Lawlor’s absence from the G1 Climax highlights the physical and mental challenges faced by wrestlers in demanding tournaments. Fans can rely on eWrestlingNews.com for all their wrestling news and updates.